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How To Build A New World Order

"In a nut shell"

First we must give an oath to never have any patriotism to one country but only to our common goal. The world will be our country. Next let's start a club of a chosen few people with one common goal, that being a new world order. We'll also need more clubs with chapters all over the world to do our dirty work. Some will be given world athority since we will need a world police body. Each club will have a different purpose that will specialize in certain areas some in thier comunities, some in world relations, but always with the goal of new world order. We will always help to promote those with our same goal, judges, police chiefs, lawyers, legislaters, politicians etc. Each club will be given a different name and will always answer to the club above them in the hopes that they will some day reach the top of the pyramid. They will be given specific tasks to move up the ladder. We must also encourage religion as this will serve us in many ways. When we need to depopulate the planet this will be one of our tools as we can use different religions to create conflict and give reason for war in all countries. Of course we will pracitce our Luciferian beliefs and usual rituals. They'd never even believe it if they were told anyway. We can also create disease and viruses such as aids etc. We can import drugs into poor areas of cities which will serve many purposes such as creating need for athority, killing more people, and taking more liberties away from citzens while creating a desire for a better solution such as new world order. We need to create fake terrorism to give reason for introducing new laws to protect our citezens, or so they will think. Each law will give us more athority and them less liberty. They won't even know it's happening because while media keeps them dumb we'll be making our new laws. Others we can create false catastrophies by using our weather warfare programs like H.A.R.P to create hurricanes, Tsunami's, mud slides, earthquakes etc. The end result will be fewer people to control when we introduce our idea to the world. We can bring regions from around the world together by creating trade deals between countries first, then merging thier currencies, and eventually all currency will be one untill eventually none. All resources will be ours so the only payment needed is food and shelter. Who will be growing and cultivating all of this food? Them of course, our slaves. But of course they won't realize they're slaves even though they've been slaving for us the whole time unknowingly. We'll need to infiltrate all media so we can keep them as dumb as possible. We'll need to keep inflation high so the entire household will need to work many hours so not to give them any time to think for themselves or ponder what's happening in the world or how they are actually controlled and enslaved without even knowing. Free thinkers can be dangerous to our goal.

The above protcol is of course fiction and is not meant to implicate any person or persons in any way ... ;-)