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Human Division By Colour

Ok now what the heck do I mean by this. Whether it's a conspiracy from the ages or created unknowingly or unpurpousfully by ourselves, the fact that we have been divided as human beings is reality as we have created it. It has been created by different beliefs symbolized by colours. When we are categorized and given a colour by having certain beleifs, we have imprisoned ourselves by limiting ourselves from continuing to explore a never ending journey into truth, reality, and love. When we vote for which government will rule our country we will vote for Liberal or Conservative (Red or Blue). When an official colour hasn't been asigned to our beliefs, you are categorized as Right Wing or Left Wing. When we have urban gangs fighting for turf we have the Bloods & the Crypts (Red or Blue). If people knew these colours had been created by old white haired corperate men to create chaos and help support private wars by helping to sell drugs to fund these wars would they still kill each other in the streets? Love your brothers & sisters and stop killing each other over a false created reality. As long as there is division there will always be chaos. As long as there is chaos, there will be order made out of chaos. Order made out of chaos can only be controlled by an elected government by the chaotic people who need to be controlled. If the colours red & blue are meshed together a new colour is created which is the colour purple. If we must live by colours lets make it the colour purple. By living by the colour purple we can drive toward never ending truth, reality, and love. The only patriotism should be for all of mankind. Patriotism over land is blindness.