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I was feeling strange, I was disconnected, and confused! The night before my scary experience was just the beginning, I took a nap on my couch and the door opened, maybe by the wind maybe not, but I remember being too tired to shut it so I laid back down to sleep. The next morning I awoke in my own bed by the sound of a banging door. I didn't know how I got up there...maybe I was sleep walking I don't know. But I do know I was conscious while being transported to my own bed! So I thought it was strange, but didn't think much of it because I thought I was sleep walking. The next night I went to bed, I awoke in an up right position eyes wide open looking at my wall. I was freaked, but it got worse! Next thing I saw was the picture on the wall that I was looking at moving! I tried to snap myself out of it, but I was really seeing it moving! Then I saw a farmer that came into my room and was talking to me! It seemed sooo real! It was scary I couldn't move! I tried to scream, but I was panicking! Then all I remember next was that I was in a mind state trapped by confusion, delusion, I was disoriented, scared, and couldn't move! I was paralyzed! I felt high to the point that I had no control! Then I awoke standing up in the corner. I was looking at my closet in horror. I felt a really really really evil feeling come over me. I thought I knew there was something evil in my closet........It was horrific and no one was there to help me. I thought id lost it! I was going crazy! If this story sounds weird to you, imagine how I felt! As is comes I figured out that prenisone had triggered mania and I was hallucinating and having seizures! It was the scariest night in all my life! I'll never forget that feeling! But it makes you think... The humane brain only uses 10% of its brain, the rest is idle. What is the brain capable of? ESP, psychics, mind reading, channeling, ghosts, savants, etc... These extraordinary people are real and I believe that its very possible to strengthen parts of the brain to do supernatural tasks!

Jamelyn Bennett

I have a good one for you.... I was walking in Salem, MA I have never been there I only know were I was becuase I asked my hubby about it. Well any ways...I was walking around this HUGH house that had many pictures on the walls, they were of people that I had never seen before. As I am walking through the house I see these windows that are as tall as the wall, but the glass is not what we would see now of days, it is really thick and had waves in them. Well any ways I go in to this hugh ball room were there is a ball going on, as I am standing there I see myself in a mirror on the wall, as I am watching myself I can see that I am not me but someone else. As I am standing there all the people around me fade away and turn to ash. I start walking to the middle of the room as if I am drawen to this one point in the house. As I do I start to fade away, and fall to the floor in a pile of ash, but the person on the floor is not me, I am floating above myself in a white flowing gown that was glowing. I then woke up.... Seems kinda odd I guess, but it felt so real. Kristy/VA


I had an awful dream that woke me up and I couldn't sleep. It was so real that I woke up in a sweat. ( sorry, women glow : ) ) I was dreaming that I was vomiting up baby clothes. I was out with a friend and she was going crazy buying the weirdest things. Rabbits that had colour markings like a Canada goose. Baby clothes for her puppy. We were playing on a tetertotter,I feel off and these funny looking puppies came over and were licking my face and tickling me. We then went to this bizarre coffee shop were you would get a blob of wet sand alongside your coffee. When some one drew a picture this blob would take shape of their thought. A women had a baby on her table and I went to take care of it and that is when I went to the ladies room to vomit. Then this lady ( some one from work ) stormed in and wanted to use the place where I was. I said cann't you see I'm sick here. I don't care , this is where I always go and I want it now. I hurled on her shoes. She still persisted. I gave her the speech. Telling her that she thinks she is so above everyone else but she isn't . She was only making herself look like a complete ass. I really gave it too her , all between heaving up baby sleepers, booties, socks, and washcloths.


I had a dream that I was a water figure and that my tears were the tides washing people up on the shore. I usually dream everynight but not lately. Or at least I don't remember them.

My dream: From the other side

A year after my grandmother, whom was very close to me, passed away:

I had a dream where my grandmother called me, I was on a rotary phone. She was laughing, so happy, telling me that she was having so much fun, seeing all of her friends that she hadn't seen in so long. Then I heard her friends in the background saying, "Come on Evie, we have to go, now. There's so many other things to see!." Then, I had another vision in my dream, she was showing me a little boy, about 8 months old, sitting on a quilt, on a tile floor, playing with a toy. He had dark hair, blue eyes, the most beautiful boy I'de ever seen. Then she started talking to me again on the phone. She said, "You are going to have a lot more responsibility, and you're life is going to change drastically. You might be scared, but don't be. Because, I will always be with you." Then I could hear her friends in the backround, wanting her to go with them, and she started laughing, and said, "I've got to go, now. I'm having so much fun. I'm seeing people that I haven't seen in years!" Then she hung up. I woke up, smelling the fresh scent of her home that knew as a child, fresh, crisp, downy smelling sheets. . . . . . . . . . . A month after that, I found out that I was pregnant. 7 months after that, I found out that I was having a little boy. 9 months after that. . . . . . . . . .. . I was sitting by the same rotary phone that my grandmother had called me on. In the same room, with the same tiled floor, . . . . (as if you haven't guessed), with my baby boy, that she showed me, sitting on the quilt that my mother had just made him when he was born, playing with the same toy.. . . . . . I love my grandma.

hello, actaully someone had a dream about me .. that i was dressed in white and everyone is huggig me and so .. i really will appreciate it if u told me what this might mean. besides at the same day i had a dream that i had a new baby born ... although am not married at the moment ... and my x-boyfriend tried to take that baby from me. i really need some expalnation. thanks in advance.

I had a dream one night that I was looking into the sky and could see many strange things flying around almost like baloons but flying across the sky as if propelled by something, and it was quite clear to me that they were some sort of alien crafts. Then all of a sudden comming down slow from the clouds was a huge cruise ship carrying hundreds of people, I remember saying to myself "somethings not right about this" sounds funny but it's true, anyway finally the ship crashed into the water which was beside a port, and I could see the ship slowly going down under water with people jumping overboard, most swam to the dock but some people had to be rescued by others who jumped into the water to save them, one person was actually pulled up by her pony tail.


I was so close to my grandmother on my mothers side and she had this sickness that she couldn't walk any more.One night I had this dream that my grandmother was standing beside this staircase with this beautiful smile on her face looking at me raising her hand and was saying goodbye and in the middle of the staircase my other grandmother was standing with both hand stretched toward this one.I had already knew my other grandmother has past away and I was so surprise to see both of them are so happy. Suddenly I saw my grand mother started going toward the other one and I woke up with tears in my eyes.In the morning I told my wife that my grand has past away but she didn't believe me.That day in the afternoon i recieved a long distance call from my uncle to say yes, she has past away and still I remember every detail about that dream.

from fred.

Ok I wasn't really sure to put this in the dreams or strange but true category but here it is.

First off I am the editor of this site and yes I too have strange dreams etc. About three or more years ago I had a dream, I know what you're thinking, how could I remember a dream after three years, well the only reason I did is because from time to time I like to use my dreams as inspiration for paintings. Anyway In my dream I was looking from New Jersy towards New York from accross the water at all the buildings etc. and in front of the view still on the New Jersy side was a huge cage full of people and surrounding the cage were some crocodiles with WINGS, on top of the cage was either myself or somebody else "not sure" and that person was trying to unlatch the gate of the cage to set the people free. Under any other circumstances this dream may not seem so signifigant but since Sept.11,2001 it really made me think........ Have a good look at it and tell me what you think.

I had a dream that I finally got my business card, except they were written with crayon, and my title was LEAH,I don't get it...


All i remember is seeing a very bright light, then seeing another bright light only this time my curtains were covering most of it up. Then i looked at the end of my bed and saw three inhuman figures and started screaming. My dad had to wake me up because i was screaming so loud in my dream and even when i woke up i was still screaming. I woke everyone in the house up. Ill never forget it. -very true


I had this one powerful dream, I was sitting on porch connected to a trailor home. The was a tv on this table and 2 vcr's besides it. I was dubbing smut movies. Then out of the blue, lightning struck me. I felt the extremely hot electricity current flow through my whole body, I was shaking very violently, I was screaming, "oh god, please god, no god, I don't want to die, please no, god." over and over. The pain was so trumatic, I don't even remember it. I fell on the ground lighning still cursing through my body. Then it stopped, and I heard in this low deep rumbling voice, "Get rid of it" and then I woke up. That very morning I erased all my smut on my tapes, on my computer and threw out my magazines. That dream spooked me so bad. That's not the only dream I had with lightning. -True

"Dead Again"

Only two hours before the start of my shift, and once again I don't want to get out of bed. I'm always feeling too tired in the morning, and I never hear the alarm. I have to rely on my wife to wake me or I'd never make it. Lucky me! After calling me a few times, I finally open my eyes. But only for a second. Just enough time to see her face and then close them again. It's at this point my subconcious mind takes over. But this time it would prove deadly. I can see a screen consisting of three red squares. Nothing strange, just a picture of squares. The distraction of my wife calling me again was faint, but I ignored it.

A change was taking place, and the first square changed to black. That was it! Nothing bizarre or out of the ordinary. I was now stuck between the concious and subconcious. The mind is such an amazing thing! She called again shortly after, and I still didn't move. The second red square changed to black. This made me very curious, and also a little nervous. There was only one square left. What does this mean? Does it serve any purpose, other than play with my mind? I couldn't understand what was happening. Nevertheless, I had to make a decision. Do I get up now, or hold out for the final square after she calls me? At least that's what I assume is going to happen. After a few minutes, I could hear her voice again. But this time it sounded different. I looked to see her face. She had no eyes! Just two black holes of emptyness.

I've never seen anything so evil, because she was smiling. And she didn't say a word. It was another nightmare. A dream within a dream. I wasted no time to close my eyes again, thinking that the last square was my window to the real world. A few moments pass. I suddenly felt my lungs collapse, and I couldn't breath anymore. Now I was really panicking! It seemed like forever, as any nightmare usually does. I was losing conciousness. The third square was finally, but slowly making it's appearance. I thought this was it. It would be over now. It was my way out. Surprisingly, it too turned black, but with a distorted message. It said..."YOU'RE DEAD". And with that everything blackened. I was gone! Dead!! No pictures, sound, or memory. I was really dead, because there was no sense of anything! ...Until I woke up.


When I was about 9 or 10 years old I dreamnt that I was sleeping in my bed and I awoke to the sound of my bedroom door opening. I looked up to see this tall heavy set man in suspenders and a dirty old shirt walking into the room. He just stared straight ahead until he was all the way in the room. Then after a minute he turned his head to me and had this wild and silly grin on his face. I jumped out of bed and he came at me and reached out and at that point I woke up sweating. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs where my mother was cooking. I was blurting out the story of this weird dream I had when all of a sudden from the the upstairs hallway door this man was slowly walking around the corner and coming toward us with that grin on his face. I looked up at my mother with fright and said something about him coming. My mother turned around and looked right at him and turned to me and grinned with the same expression of the man. I backed up screaming and only then did I really wake up from this nightmare. I got up to see where everyone was and they were all still asleep. True story.

I had a really demented dream like, last week. I woke up like, in the middle of the night and I looked at the screen on my computer, expecting to see a black background and the orange Hanson sign because that's my screen saver. But enstead my screen was white with blue spots and it looked like it was being sucked in. I have no idea why but that scared me. I tried to scream for my dad but I couldn't scream because my voice was hoarse and scratchy. And I kept trying to scream and couldn't. and then I backed into the corner of my bed and started crying. And I have no idea what happened then.


I dreamed i was in a place in the desert there was some kind of ritual going on some of the people there were dressed from head to foot in gold one person would somehow be chosen in the process of a game horribly, this person would be chosen to be eaten he would be chased down,killed, eaten and the game would begin again.

My dream starts out with me lying in my bed trying to get to sleep. I couldn't get comfortable, so I slid the down the side of my bed and onto the floor. Earlier I had kicked off my blankets and left them in one big heap on top of my bed. As I lay on the floor, I looked at the blankets and wondered if there might be anything behind them. To my surprize, there was a girl sitting there. She in a red chair sitting next to the door. She was busy looking into her purse or something, and didn't seem to notice me.

I noticed that she was barefoot and had set her shoes on the floor next to her. It seemed strange for her to be just sitting there like that. But as I thought about it, I remembered that she was visiting from England and was staying in my room for a few days. The chair was her little area, and she would stay there when she wasn't out sight-seeing and visiting other people. She was thin, medium height, and had short blonde hair. She was attractive, but not in a sexual way. When I lay back down on the floor, she disappeared back behind the blankets.

After about 15 minutes I looked up again but she was gone. She had left the chair hehind, just sitting there empty. I got up and decided to go outside. I started walking down the hall, but then my eyeball suddenly popped out of its socket. This did not seem unusual to me at the time. It seemed like it was bound to happen sooner or later, and I was prepared to deal with it. When bent down to pick it up, I noticed little pieces of lint all over it. So I took it to the bathroom to wash it off. On the way there I noticed a tiny hole on the back of it. I wondered how that little hole could possibly line up with the recieving unit inside of my eyesocket. But I figured that whoever designed it would have solved this problem, and all I had to do was pop it back into my eyesocket. I got to the bathroom and washed it off. It seemed like it would be easy just to pop it back into my eyesocket, and I felt relieved. But I had trouble squeezing it past the rim of my eye socket, so I had to push it in a little harder. It seemed like whoever designed it wouldn't let it break under this much pressure. But when I pushed it in, it broke open and leaked water down my face. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror, horrified with my empty eye socket. Ray

i'm with a girl being hunted down in Killaloe a friend of ours is hacked and killed these two guys stop to help us my friend is taken over to their car to our surprise, the people pretending to help us are really the killers chasing us my friend, the girl, is killed. i am a girl as well. i pick up a knife and kill the man who has killed the other girl the other killer is casting a spell on the male friend of ours the guy who was first killed trying to steal his skin he is making himself into a tiny doll, so he can continue killing he has hacked the head off my friend he is holding a little doll that looks like santa claus and he is trying to finish the spell putting hair on the little arms of the doll i kill them both

Janice 10/3/98 I was in a Catholic cemetery with Joyce. It was night time. We had to go up a very steep hill to get there. Joyce was driving. She said," I'll put the pedal to the metal," and up we went like a rocket. It was very dark. We entered a gothic looking building. there were graves in the building. Many different sorts of grave markers. We got to the location where her mothers grave site was and found that it had been dug up. There was a woman there and she asked what had happen to the grave and was told that her mothers body was in storage. That the remains were to be moved to Acacia cemetery. Joyce told the woman that she didn't want this to happen.

So the next thing you know they show us where they have put the mothers body in a metal cube. gray in color. There was a smaller cube right next to the bigger cube that housed the body. I figured that it was a generator because when I put my hand on it I found it to be warm. They put the cubes oddly enough between our house and Audry's next door. Audrey told me , " come here I have something for you." I went into her house at this point and it was weird. There were bags of popcorn everywhere and popcorn balls also. the whole place seems like it was a huge maze, with narrow right angled passageways all over the place.

She brought me a green and blue Chinese figurine. She told me that she would sell me this item saying it was authentic. I responded saying that I would give her 40.00 for it. It was covered in a plastic. I went outside and there was a little man sitting on a small wooden stool. I was standing next to him and I was wearing a long jean skirt slit a bit up the front. As I was talking to Audrey outside I caught him trying to look up my dress and told him that I really wished he wouldn't do that. I went back in the house and then came back out and Audrey says, " I have another one for you." I told her ," wait someone is calling me." I then walked two or three houses down and there was this beautiful house where there was a party going on.

People were coming out the front door as I walked up. A young woman, with her husband approached me. A very nice couple. She turns out to be the daughter of a famous person. I haven't been able to figure who it was though. I introduced myself and the woman apologized to me for not inviting me to the party. She handed me a little plastic bag saying this is for you," and inside were tiny glass vials and she told me that " you have to break them open, they are perfumes from all over the world." I then walked back toward Audreys and Shelly came outside and handed me the mate to the other figurine that Audrey had given me which was also wrapped in plastic. I gave her 37.00. I brought the figurine home and John O. was here. My dead husband.

He was very angry that I had made these purchases. I removed the plastic from the figurines and upon doing so I discovered that they weren't antique but that they were current reproductions. So I called Shelly on the phone and told her what I had discovered. I told her that I wanted my money back, saying I was sure that there had been some sort of misunderstanding. I walked back to Audreys and took the figurines back to them and Audrey gave me my money back. She said," I don't know what the problem is I used to sell these all the time at the flee market." One of the oddest things about this was that normally I might have been more angry but through all of this no one really got mad at anyone except my dead husband who had been angry with me.


If you've ever wanted to try meditating and contacting the spirit world try this link, it has some good tips and guidlines.

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