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Philisophical Questions

What universe are you in?

Who controls your destiny?

Where are you in the universe?

Are we too advanced for our own good?

Is the planet we live on better off without humans?

Is total world war nature's way of cleansing the earth?

Do you believe in spirituality? or are you yourself just a spirit?

Do you believe in god? If so,what form do you think he or she is in?

I don't claim to have the answers to these questions but maybe you will!


If you have a hundred people of whom you are one and each person puts themself first and is out-for-themself and what they can get, then all you will ever have is competition, strife, violence and war. The history of this planet is proof of that fact. The strong will oppress the weak. The rich will oppress the poor. The clever will oppress the not so clever and there will be continual struggle for survival, leading to crime, violence, war and eventually total annihilation - Armageddon. How can there possibly NOT be? On the other hand; as Jesus demonstrated when he gave his life voluntarily for the benefit of everyone else; if you take exactly the same hundred people of whom you are one and everybody, including you, now puts everyone else first, before their "Self", then each individual, including you, wins ninety-nine times, because each individual has ninety-nine other people putting them first. However, it will not work unless every single person does it, because one bad apple RUINS the whole barrel.

Here's a thought, don't know if I sent you thiis already. When we were returning from the trailor and night was setting in.I take this time to sneak a peek in the homes we pass. Sometimes you see family sitting around a table playing a game, or they are watching tv. One lonely little house , throught the window I saw a little old lady sitting in her chair with the lamp on beside her. She could have been watching tv,reading a book, or fallen asleep. Then I started to think of her as the pet. She , we , are pets. First we were wild and free. Then captured and caged. Then tested to see how far we could go. Up in the universe something is playing with us. Maybe Shakesphere was right when he said " The world is all a stage and we are merely players." We are constantly being played with. Really don't you think. We are being played with emotionally all the time. Speaking of emotions, how are things ? * little chuckle * Back to my thought. Our homes are little cages. At night when we should be under the moon on warm nights we hide in our cages. We try to survive the life we call" the rat race". I'm stopping now. It is always better to have conversations like this in person. Sometimes hearing the rythm of speech and watching the facial expressions adds lots more detail and feeling than just the words. I could say the same phrase in so many different tones and it would all mean something differnent even though the words are the same.

Religion........... Religion has been misused, and still is. Fighting done in the name of God.........!? Oh really. Prayers sent to God to help win in a battle. And why should God be put there in that position. Only to make the group seem more worthy to fight. What happens to love thy nieghbour? When the Bible was translated , were there parts that were translated only to fit the time . Were there parts left out that we don't know about. Some of these missing parts will come about only because over time and through living people will see that the natural human way is really not a set code like in the Bible . Was the Bible uses to brain wash and make people conform to a way that would make it easier for the more powerful to brainwash. The natural laws will live on. There is alot to be said about the old ways. Old wife's tales are they disguised "old world ways" handed down for people to figure out. Those that can follow their intuition can figure them out. It's not hard. Not to say that the Bible is not a true document. Just that when pieces of a puzzle are missing you don't get the whole picture. Was Jesus over glorified? What happened to him in the 20-30 yrs . He goes from being a young teacher to a mature man only to be crucified. Did he and Mary Magdalen have children ,live as man and wife. Did he go wild ? Who was the Devil in the desert? An enemy? A nonbeliever of self . Was Jesus ( my favorite thought ) physic, a man in touch with the gift of true faith in himself and what wonderful magic one can have when being totally in-tune with soul, and the divine. Do the Catholics really know who they are and what they stand for? If so then why are the girls dressed so immodestly. A uniform that has the power to suggest something other than a good religious girl. I don't know of any nuns that wear skirts up to there underwear. Religion gives people a way to sin and not feel overly guilty because there is always confession. To repent is to not repeat an action again. But that's okay if I do something bad today I know I will be forgiven on Sunday. Forgiveness, to forget. How many people forget. How often have you heard the saying , I can forgive you but I cann't forget. The forgiveness is not there. For to remember brings the return of the feels of something that was done wrongly causing anger or upset. With those feelings being surfaced have you really forgiven. I think it is that ,oooppppsss I forgot to forgive. How honest are we to ourselves? There is a biggy. Really when you think of it. Do we forgive ourselves.Do we love ourselves and respect who we are. Are we as humans lost in the world around us. I think so. And the sad thing is most of us don't know it.


Thoughts raw in nature The root of your subconscious Controlling you completely Fooling you to thinking you are the master When you are in actuality the slave Slave to your own psyche Deeper thoughts brought upon from other sources Command your every orchestrated move and thought You will only do or think what it wants you to For you are only the body Encasing the subconscious An armor of flesh


what if we humans are not yet we are just cells, cells for the world, earth itself is a creature and all living things upon it are its cells multiplying and dividing BUT what if that is true yet the earth itself is a cell as well a cell upon the universe every star every planet are the life of the universe its cells keeping it alive.

Humans tend to cause most of there own pain and suffering needlessly, and i would like to know why, we do this, even thogh we see the problem that can be caused by our actions, volentary and unvolentary, we tend to feed off our emotions, sometimes look for the easiest path to things, even thogh we know it might not be the best way. then, why we are we faced with all these troubles, when we do good. It's like the whole world is an atom, and we are not working together, yet we try and do things to help one another yet it just seems to backfire..the Road to hell is paved with good intentions, and what are the good intentions and the bad ones,....is there any peace anywhere? can we find that common goal. its like our constituton, "every man is created equal" and we are entitled to the same privelage as the next, yet if someone doesn't like it, then it is against there constitutional right, the world is a very contradicting place. People contradict themselves a lot. What is this I seek? what is the common goal we all seek? the world, if we stand upon the top of a building, you can see more than what a person down below is able to see, and not everyone always does that, they are self centered maniachal bastards, and do they see anything? or do they just live for themselves? what is the puropose for people like me to worry about these kinds of people who deprive us of these things? or do I speak of nothing?

Joseph Abruska II

i was reading the philosophy question and i think i have an answer to:Is total world war nature's way of cleansing.I believe that mankind thinks that we are a completely different from animals,they may have classified us as mammals but they don't think they are.like animals fight for territory,we do to,just we have different names for it.we fight for females like lions do and gorrilas,also,sorry i might have went off the subject a little,because of us being the most dominant species,except for the ocassional shark attack or snake bite ,we become our own predator,we build cars and crash,we build guns and kill "supposbly" innocent people ,we are not innocent in any way,they even went as far as building religion to keep us in order,if god was real we are all going to hell,because we went farther and built government laws,if we obide by laws we are damning ourselfs,because inthe cammandments god"supposibly"said tho shall not worship any graven image,which interpret means we cann't beleive in government.remember when the bible was made.It was back when there were romans ,they killed people for many odd reason and they realized that this had to stop.so they built a rebilliance against any for of government,a relgion.they biult to where if you did not obey the commandment you were fore ever damned to hell,a place where you would suffer eternally.religion only has one difference then government is that instead of people ruling us we have a god that no one has met,just his suposibbly son.thank you for hearing me out.

I found your site to be facinating. As regards the Philosophical questions you raise, I feel that Philosophy is a way of life or at the very least a way of guiding ones life with the most wisdom. Many people consider philosophical questions to be irrelivent; they most certinly are relevent. How can anyone claim to make good decisions about how to live their life, if they haven't questioned their own existence. The question of the existance of God for example is one which is pertinent. Someone who has thought about this question, at least has an understanding of how impossible it is to know the truth. They are aware of the path they walk, the implications of it, the possibility that they may be wasting their whole lives worshiping an entity which does not exist. Faith should stand up to such questioning. (Many people would probably fall here in the middle of such two extremes) I would argue that Someone who has not thought of the implications / other possibilities, and is worshiping out of blind faith, will be of the overly defensive "Hell awaits you" style Bible Basher who is unable to abide other people having different views. When considering this the advantages of Philosophy become obvious. I myself try to avoid blind faith and believe that each of the worlds religions contain some parts of the puzzle. Put them all together and they all point to the same thing. What this thing though, is in need of yet more Philosophical consideration for it may be the creator or it me be nothing more than our desire to have a purpose (and not be a random fluke of evolution).

Graeme Houston

Location: Scotland

Homepage: Virtual Agora http://www.virtual-agora.co.uk

"I Stand Upon the Earth"

Joseph Abruska Age 17 South Naknek, Alaska

I have read the philosophical questions. My research in philosophy reveals that the reason we raise philosophical questions is not because we fail to get the right answers but rather we fail to get the right questions. Actually there's only one philosophical question: "What's existence?" A question such as "does god exist?" is not a philosophical question because it combines the question of "existence" and the question of god. I have a manuscript I would like you to review please communicate.

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