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For the fear of God, we obey the rules, not realizing how we are such hypocritical fools, millions die in vain on a daily basis, to fill the coffers of a corrupted racist. Organized religion seeks to control the masses, while the All-seeing eye watches all that passes, Zapata oil trafficing drugs along with the CIA, "Mr Bones". Still C.E.O. To this day. When Kennedy found out who it was, selling drugs to kids, he told MAJESTY TWELVE to retract their bids, now the truth be told, Zapruder shows you the one, it was agent Greer behind the gun. The ice age is coming, before you know, they made the hole in the ozone to drown us in snow, before the snow comes, World War III, you better pray, for you and for me. Do THEY exist? we still do not know the technology exists, only time will show, colonies on the Moon, colonies on Mars, the Earth will be left with ashes & scars. But if we all look deeper into what we think we know, Maybe then we will really show, them that humanity can be intelligent and free after we reclaim our lands after World War III.


Goal Of Serpents

Jimmy you were offered, offered by your father, you sang too much, now the reptiles are bothered, a pawn in the game, from the underground nation, the reptillian stare gave great sensation, did you see them shift, do they shed their skin, tell me MoJo are they going to win, Q33NY the result, to all of humanity, it's not our fault, who is it MoJo, at the top of the heap, I feel that you knew, then they came to reap, eugenics and chaos, the name of their game, them and the fallen one may be one of the same, evil resides around the big ball, and once again Humpty shall have a great fall.

By yours truely

Her spirit is liken to a bud Hidden Wrapped With beauty waiting to be freed Waiting Waiting to burst out Show the world an array of vibrant colour Wrapped neatly is the beauty What people see The outside A bud Closed tight Protecting the gift Seasons are changing Winter has been to long Spring awaits In time The bud will open The sun warming Kisses the greens In time She waits Waits to bloom amongst the others Opening Shining Showing the vibrant colours Waiting Appearance may look the same Until She is chosen Standing out from all the rest Beauty Strength Grace Appreciated by one Taken The spirit is liken to a flower Shared Respected Enjoyed Happily watching and sharing Changes Then neatly tucked away with care Between the pages of a precious book A wonderful memory For all to share. Beautiful.


By Voirrey Rvs: Sept.2/04

Meditation Alone Lying in the grass feeling my body moulding with the earth. Blades of grass dancing along side me. Breathing The warm air travels in, in to the working of a wonderful body that holds my soul. Warm , intoxicating. The aroma of earth , dew, flowers, clean air and salt. Lifting my soul ever higher as each muscle relaxes from natures aroma. Feeling The warmth of the wind as it whispers secrets over my skin. The soft heat traveling through me as I breath. I'm being taken away...... Seeing My minds eye is showing , me, in a perfect tranquil state. I'm free....... I'm delicate, glowing, floating, dancing to natures song. There I am resting in the meadows. Here I am free....... Traveling in utopia.

By Voirrey


I watch and wait As time becomes nothing years fly by As if its was only a mere second Time fluxuates in speed Slowing down for me on call I continue to wait for the explosion, An explosion of time itself Where all becomes still Movement is torn from the laws of science We all float in a prison of eternity Petrified by the death of time We live out our fate For all eternity


Thoughts raw in nature The root of your subconscious Controlling you completely Fooling you to thinking you are the master When you are in actuality the slave Slave to your own psyche Deeper thoughts brought upon from other sources Command your every orchestrated move and thought You will only do or think what it wants you to For you are only the body Encasing the subconscious An armor of flesh


Black Sea

All my life: A spoiled lie, It just looks that way in your peacefull eyes. All the colors I made myself see, were illusions to feel falsely free. Everything sinks to shades of grey, the colors of the world slowly being sucked away. And now that everything as become tainted black, I realize that you won't be coming back. As I look past our broken dreams, I now know what life truly means. And If everything is as spoiled as this, My corrupted world I shall not miss. I sink in tears of past regrets, Unable to face what I won't forget. I pull the trigger, I set me free, To meet you again in the deep black sea.


'reality raw' by catfit.

I found a place untouched and pure, inherently nothing knows nothing of love knows nothing of God. Broke down and saw through a pinhole reality raw, now i dont recognise my own face. ©

< A Day in Hell Fit one more to the scorned apocalypse Throttle in hand die inflamed Pile it on for the self within Plead for something to envision Cradle thy thoughts, which we hold so close Bleed inside, for nothing comes out Drastically our souls unite taking to flight To the final day of infinity So when it comes to the devils hand Open your eyes to the dogma’s end Open the door to your savours soul Dive in to the endless hole Once more into the canon old boy Once more into the lures of deceit Once more into those treacherous eye’s Once more we believe our disguise Onward and forward the days roll on Slavery of souls someone’s game Polycentric system is down Contraction of lifeless freedom


Journey To Heaven

...for now I lay, my time to sleep A tear no longer, will I weep ...my faith aside me, shall I keep Till memories of time let seep

...oh God in trust, I bravely stand For this I know, your ready hand ...thy heaven's pillow, let break my land Through angel's dust, convert thy sand

...from powered source, I sin no more Let me be bound, to heaven's door ...like feathered sparrow, I freely soar So high within the mansion core

...for now I wake, my soul to rise To let come forth, my spirit guides ...my peace awaits, in kingdom skies

No need no more to veil my eyes

no need no more to veil my eyes...

Poem Copyright ©2001 Cheryl Palermo

when will I learn to stop looking for the answers to the the questions that cannot be asked with words? Trapped within myself. Follow me I'm right behind you.


"The Child Unborn" You did something You thought you were ready for You truely thought you meant it When you said you wanted more. So you two went for it Not knowing the meaning of love Who knew your true feelings But the one who is above. This is when the innocent child is concieved The poor thing that had a right to be born But you didn't think of that when you two split You just thought about how your life would be torn. You passed the thought of adoption And didn't let the baby live Just so you wouldn't have to worry about it Or about the love you don't know how to give.

©1998, Dreamer


echo, ricochet, vibration. green light pulses. liquid orbs hovering, governing. hot warm breath panting at my neck, stretching at my feet. plastic, elastic. popped lobes of day glow. strobed blind. probed fly. maggot mind. contorting in heat. burning in light. the flame. wicked’s eye tears. lace, butterflies, flying buttress, hoops. splinted arm. splinted jaw. rocks between detented joint. gleams of white. a lie. the beat of the drum overcome and destroyed. relentless rhythm. echoing chasm beating within. electrifying my fears. awakening my imagination. knuckle catches in the gate. green liquid drips steady with the tide. high, ebbed in nihil. twilight’s end. the palm of the hand stiff and dry from the furor of the plow. salty and shagged. stalks bend. resilient at the wind. progress speeding before my nose, under. with a tickle of lips. a break of a hip. splinted throw. winged and stiff. pale, stale.


A man stands In the black room Shaking the victor's hand The other hand tears at naked shadow And he screams "why me? why me?" Of course he knew why As did the silent crowd That watched them on the altar Then the game begins He turns he twists Convulsions too tortured for the flesh And too timid for the mind All at once yet after another The bones shatter The sound echoes in the screaming dark that is the riot He braces himself as the pain drips like sweat Onto the cold blank stone Then in the guise of the hero raises his head and hand "I'm okay, I'm okay" The darkness roars with primal rage. Then he falls but feels a colder ground. They all disperse, the game is done. All that remains is the swollen carcass of the victor.

Clouded Skies

It seems, that all I ever see, is the dark, rolling clouds, covering the sky. They cover my dreams, and make me realize, that I will never be able to fly. The clouds, they tell me I cannot sing, They tell me, I'll never be a writer or a king. They cloud my happy thoughts, filling them with ones of death and gore, They make me watch those thoughts, until my eyes are sore. The clouds, they tell me to love them, and they will bring me joy, They tell me not to play, for I'm too old for toys. These clouds, they tell me I should die, They tell me these things until I cry. The clouds seem mythical in a way, They make me say things I don't want to say. In my dreams these clouds are there, And I dream, of clouded skies.

The days seem to drift by slowly, I walk down the street, hanging my head lowly. There's really no reason to be sad, But I am, it's like that when I'm mad. No one seems to listen or care, About anything I say or dare. Everyone seems to ignore me, unless i've done something wrong, When things get like that, I listen to my favorite song. About a man who didn't know, He'd never heard of a thing called snow. He lived a very boring life, Living alone, with only his pain and strife.


Black Dove

As I walk through the knee high snow, I see the black dove and then I know. That danger is near, Something I fear. The black dove flying over head. Look around because someone's dead. Someone evil has once again lied, Someone evil has fianlly died.


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