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First let me start by saying although these societies exist, I don't think all of these societies have bad intentions, initially I think most have the best intentions for mankind, as they are recruited by their nobel actions. However I do believe that like every fraternity, there are always some bad seeds, and there are always those who just want power. I have a feeling that what goes on at the top level is much different than what goes on at the lower levels.

Secret societies are all around us and as we live our daily lives, they are the true rulers of what goes on in our world. For those who have no clue what I'm talking about, I'm not crazy and this is not the X Files. We've all seen lodges of different kinds in our neighborhoods and thought nothing of what goes on inside other than what we see on the Flintstones (Loyal Order Of Water Buffalo). Well I'm here to tell you that they are the true rulers of government and have lodges all accross the globe, see http://www.davidicke.com Governments are filled with members of Free Masonry from all over the world and once in government, the Mason influence is quite obvious when you know what to look for.

Along with Secret Societies comes the symbolism they use. These symbols stem from the ancient beliefs in which the Masons follow from before Christ which I won't get into now since this is only a symbolism page. Just let me say that there are Masons and there are anti Masons, what the true agenda for Masonry is? We'll probebly never know, but the clues really do all point to New World Order. Anyway I'm babbling so let's get to the symbolism.

Here are some symbols found just in a few towns.

Notice the Pentagon symbol above

click here for more info on the serpent.

This Symbol first started as a Trillium but gradually was unsuspectingly turned into what is called a Trinity Knot without anyone realizing how much it has changed (see below and compare).

Here is a picture of the pyramid and the all seeing eye which you can find at the back of the American dollar bill, if you join some lines with some letters in this image you can spell the word Mason and the lines form a perfect pentagram or star which ever you prefer. Notice the sign below found on a street sign and how it closely resembles the pyramid and all seeing eye.

Sure looks like the pyramid and all seeing eye to me. It's also possible to see three elevens in this image but that could be stretching it.(read more below for details).

If you don't know anything about Free Masonry you wouldn't understand but in Free Masonry there are 33 degrees until you reach the top level.

Look at this picture above before you read anymore...then continue...see anything? I can see the number eleven three times, and what is three times eleven? Also see the three elevens in the Bank Of America logo beside it. Some favorite numbers of Freemasonry are 11,22, and 33, (11+22=33click here for more info

Here is the symbol for a 33rd. degree Mason.

In this picture from a highway, you can see a small image of what looks like a pipe fitting just under the Malta Cross but for those in the know, this can also resemble the symbol for a Royal Arch Mason (see below).

See the symbol inside the star.

From what I can gather, these are what the Masons refer to as The Gateway Arch or Royal Arch Of Heaven. Click here for a great explanation of the Arch

Anyone care for a Bilder Burger? Again this one's for people in the know, the Bilderberg group is a group of Global elites who secretly discuss the future of the world, also notice that number 33 again. So this is what you do in your spare time huh Ronald!

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