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Notice how the Acura logo resembles the compass in the Masonic symbol on the right, could be coinsidence ...you decide.

This next piece is quite spooky and I'm not suggesting that the Masons had anything to do with 911 but check this out and try it for yourself. First go to Microsoft Word and type in "Q33NY" and of course it will look like this below...

Now change the font to wingdings and it will look like this...

All I can say is, Q is for Qaballa also spelled Kabala etc., 33 for 33 degrees of Freemasonry, and of course NY for New York. As for the wingdings font I think it's self explanitory but in case you can't figure it out, it shows a plane flying into two towers which by the way look like the number 11, beside that a skull and crossbones which is another secret society symbol that George Bush and John Kerry have both confessed to belonging to at Yale University, view a clip of Bush's admission here... beside that you see the Star Of David.

There is definately a conspiracy here but who and what power have created this? Could it be one secret society trying to frame another? Could it be that the occultists magic is actually smoke and mirrors?

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