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Issues on the Use and Effects of an ILLEGAL RADIATION Weapon

Depleted Uranium: Pentagon Poison, by Minnie Bruce Pratt 2004-05-30 | New York Deadly radioactivity is drifting in the sands and fertile fields of Iraq, in rain falling in Europe, in breezes that toss palm trees in Vieques, Puerto Rico, in the water of South Korea - the toxic debris of exploded U.S. depleted uranium (DU) shells. The International Action Center continued its historic exposé of this terrible danger with a forum in New York City on May 25, "Poison Dust - Another U.S. War Crime: the Use of Radioactive Weapons in the Gulf." DU is a byproduct of the process used to make nuclear bombs and reactor fuel. Because this metal is 1.8 times denser than lead and burns on impact with steel, bullets and shells made of DU can cut through tank armor like butter. U.S. tanks, Bradley fighting machines, A-10 attack jets and "Apache" helicopters routinely fire DU rounds. When a DU shell hits a target, as much as 70 percent burns on impact, releasing invisible and insoluble uranium oxide, a radioactive dust that people inhale and ingest. 'Metal of Dishonor' To the political hip-hop of Movement in Motion arts collective chanting "Drop beats, not bombs," 200 people crowded the United Nations Church Center for the meeting on "Poison Dust." The meeting was co-chaired by Naomi Santos of Move ment in Motion and IAC co-director Sara Flounders. Flounders alerted the gathering that over half of the 700,000 veterans of the first U.S. invasion of Iraq in 1991 have the chronic illness dubbed "Gulf War Syndrome." Millions of Iraqis died of preventable diseases from the obliteration of water and health systems by bombing and 12 years of sanctions starting in 1990. More recently, Iraqi doctors began to note an ominous increase in cancer and diseases of the immune systems. Sharon Eolis, a health care worker who traveled to Iraq in 1998 and 2000, confirmed that both U.S. documents and independent scientists strongly link this pattern of sickness and death to DU. IAC founder and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark first raised the issue of DU shortly after the 1991 Gulf War. The IAC has continued to inform the public through its DU Education Project with such publications as "Metal of Dishonor: How the Pentagon Radiates Soldiers and Civilians with DU Weapons." The project also challenged U.S. government denials of DU's impact in a video, also called "Metal of Dishonor," produced by the People's Video Network. At the meeting Sue Harris of PVN announced development of a new video, "Poison Dust," which will go on tour to military bases and communities. The film is necessary, she said, "because the situation is getting worse." The U.S. dropped 375 tons of DU on Iraq during the first Gulf War, and 2,200 tons during the current invasion. The U.S. has also used DU weapons during its assaults on Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia, in training exercises in Vieques, Okinawa and South Korea, and doubtless in numerous U.S. military testing grounds. Other countries also use DU weapons. Clark: 'DU is war against the poor' Ramsey Clark traced his journey toward understanding the murderous impact of DU on the people of Iraq. He noted that the first signs came two years after heavy U.S. bombing of the desert near Kuwait in 1991. Nomadic Bedouin people, seeking help, began to bring newly born deformed babies into urban hospitals. In March 2001, Dr. Aws Albait, an Iraqi physician who worked in Baghdad from 1990-1999, said that leukemia and lymphomas in Iraqi children had increased 12-fold, and in adults, six-fold. Illness and genetic damage is also occurring in the children of U.S. soldiers. Children of male Gulf War veterans are born with twice the usual rate of birth defects. In female veterans, the rate is three times normal, with double the rate of miscarriages. A study in the April 2003 New Scientist magazine suggests DU toxicity combines synergistically with its radioactivity to produce much more serious effects than either poison alone. Clark stressed that the impact of DU unfolds over many years, and that the movement must be committed to an equally long struggle: "We have to reach out, be unified, with every ounce of energy. This is a war against the poor with the U.S. military there only to protect and increase the wealth of the few." 'A huge catastrophe' Juan Gonzalez, president of the Nation al Association of Hispanic Journ alists and a co-producer of the "Democracy Now!" radio show, is currently running a series of columns on DU in the New York Daily News. He acknowledged that he was standing on the shoulders of the IAC and other activists, saying: "A huge, huge catastrophe has been visited upon the planet by use of these weapons and the spread of low-level radiation." Gonzalez broke the story on DU after the mother of a U.S. soldier on leave from Iraq came to him for help. Her son, serving with a New York State National Guard unit, was suffering from serious respiratory problems--and being forced to return to combat. The mother added that many other members of his unit in Iraq were also so sick with high temperatures, kidney ailments and respiratory problems that they'd been sent home to Fort Dix. Gonzalez saw a connection to the effects of DU, and arranged for independent testing of the soldiers. Of nine tested, four were absolutely positive for DU contamination, and three were probable. Denied testing at Walter Reed Military Hospital, they were examined in a German clinic under the supervision of Dr. Asaf Durakovic, professor of radiology and nuclear medicine at Georgetown Univer sity in Washington, D.C., and a colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves. Dr. Durakovic, who is the Veterans Administration's nuclear-medicine expert, has characterized DU as a "threat to humanity." DU is the latest manifestation of the dangerous low-level radiation that is a byproduct of U.S. military use of nuclear weapons. Gonzalez cited a January 2000 federal report on occupational sickness of Department of Energy personnel that documented 50 years of deliberate government exposure of military and civilian personnel to radiation. A 1990 report on the effects of DU, from the U.S. Army Armaments, Munitions and Chemical Command, was clear: "[L]ong term effects of low doses [of DU] have been implicated in cancer ... There is no dose so low that the probability of effect is zero." Gonzalez was emphatic: "These weapons have to be eliminated or the whole planet will be contaminated." Resisting war crimes Navy veteran Dustin Langley of SNAFU (Support Network for an Armed Forces Union) stated that DU was just one more crime of the U.S. against its own soldiers, in a line stretching back to exposing troops to atomic testing during the Cold War and Agent Orange in Vietnam. He described how soldiers - working people forced to enlist by the "poverty draft" - come home with contaminated equipment, store it in the garage or laundry room, and sicken their own families. "DU doesn't wash off with Tide," he said. Langley urged the crowd to join the IAC and SNAFU in turning out for the June 5 March on Washington to end the U.S. occu pation of Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, the Philippines, Korea and everywhere. He indicted the Bush administration as a regime that is "stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, using them against its own people, and funding a worldwide network of terrorism" through U.S. military aggression. But by "regime change," he said, he didn't mean the Democrats or Ralph Nader's campaign. The solution? "A global mass movement - a multinational, multi-gendered anti-war movement that will shock and awe the war-makers in Washington." For inspiration, he pointed to the heroic resistance in Falluja and to the growing number of U.S. soldiers who refuse to com mit war crimes, like Marine Corps resister Stephen Funk and Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia, a Nicaraguan immigrant sentenced on May 21 to a year's imprisonment. Mejia would not return to his unit in Iraq, saying, "This is an oil-driven war." More inspiration for resistance came from Frank Velgara of the Vieques Sup port Campaign, who told how on May 3, 2003, a decades-long struggle by determined Puerto Rican activists shut down the U.S. Navy bombing range in Vieques, a "victory against the most powerful military in the world." Kadouri al-Kaysi, an International Action Center member from Basra, Iraq, seconded that determination, focusing the evening on action: "Iraqis want the U.S. out of Iraq. The fight is still going on, and they will never give up. Most important is to come to Washington on June 5 to say to the Iraqis: We are with you, not with the U.S. government!" Minnie Bruce Pratt Reprinted from the June 3, 2004, issue of Workers World newspaper http://www.workers.org http://depleteduranium.tk

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Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% Of Human Population

Truth Or Lies Fellow professors and scientists applause and roar approval at elite's twisted and genocidal population control agenda Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | April 3 2006 A top scientist gave a speech to the Texas Academy of Science last month in which he advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through the airborne ebola virus. Dr. Eric R. Pianka's chilling comments, and their enthusiastic reception again underscore the elite's agenda to enact horrifying measures of population control. Pianka's speech was ordered to be kept off the record before it began as cameras were turned away and hundreds of students, scientists and professors sat in attendance. Saying the public was not ready to hear the information presented, Pianka began by exclaiming, “We're no better than bacteria!”, as he jumped into a doomsday malthusian rant about overpopulation destroying the earth. Standing in front of a slide of human skulls, Pianka gleefully advocated airborne ebola as his preferred method of exterminating the necessary 90% of humans, choosing it over AIDS because of its faster kill period. Ebola victims suffer the most tortuous deaths imaginable as the virus kills by liquefying the internal organs. The body literally dissolves as the victim writhes in pain bleeding from every orifice. Pianka then cited the Peak Oil fraud as another reason to initiate global genocide. “And the fossil fuels are running out,” he said, “so I think we may have to cut back to two billion, which would be about one-third as many people.” Later, the scientist welcomed the potential devastation of bird flu and spoke glowingly of China's enforced one child policy, before zestfully commenting, “We need to sterilize everybody on the Earth.” At the end of Pianka's speech the audience erupted not to a chorus of boos and hisses but to a raucous reception of applause and cheers as audience members clammered to get close to the scientist to ask him follow up questions. Pianka was later presented with a distinguished scientist award by the Academy. Pianka is no crackpot. He has given lectures to prestigious universities worldwide. One horrified observer was able to make notes on the speech and our gratitude goes to Forrest M. Mims for bringing this sickening display to the attention of the world. Throughout history elites have invented justification for barbaric practices as a cover for their true agenda of absolute power and control over populations. Up until the 19th century, the transatlantic slave trade was justified by saying that the practice was biblical and therefore morally redeemable in nature, despite the fact that no such bible passage exists. From 1932 until 1972, the Tuskegee Study Group (pictured below) deliberately infected poor black communities in Alabama with syphilis without their consent and withheld treatment as the diseased rampaged through the town killing families. In 1951 the Israeli government used US government provided technology to irradiate 100,000 Jewish children in a mass atomic experiment with an entire generation of Sephardi youths used as guinea pigs. 6,000 died immediately after the experiments and the rest suffered for the rest of their lives with debilitating illnesses and cancer.

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Eugenics Watch


Eugenics is dedicated to the proposition that all men are created unequal and the food is running short; that, in the struggle for food, those who have an inherited advantage prevail and pass the advantage on to their children who prevail even more; that this is how evolution, Yale and the English aristocracy happened. A further belief is that, at this point in evolution, the more evolved must take destiny and the less evolved in hand. Selection must not be left to chance for chance is cruel, capricious and, all too often, expensive but must instead be led by the kindly elite - Harvard professors, British aristocrats, Serbian psychiatrists, Aryans and so on. But death control, which has been the main method used by natural selection or chance, for termination of useless populations, must be replaced by birth control which is cheaper, and, as Charles Darwin pointed out in The Descent of Man, more effective. The problem is that the masses will not dedicate themselves unselfishly to the production and protection of an elite while exterminating their own posterity. Over and over the eugenicists roll this rock up the hill and over and over it rolls down - often on them. Outstanding classics of scientific racism, such as The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy or The Passing of the Great Race, The Bell Curve or The g Factor are rejected in favor of "sentimental slogans" such as " All men are created equal" or "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its Constitution". Governments with eugenic policies come to power in Germany, South Africa, Rumania, or Alabama and the world rises against them. Then it's all to do again. But like the ants, which these social biologists believe we resemble (or should resemble), the eugenicists toil away in their dark underground passages. For they always have a new plan. Put your head down and listen, and you can hear their latest and the greatest plan:


"Waco: A New Revelation"

Reviewed by Gavin Phillips Please Distribute

Waco: A New Revelation (110 minutes) is Michael McNulty's follow-up documentary to his previous academy award nominated documentary, Waco: The Rules of Engagement. I was fortunate enough to catch Waco: The Rules of Engagement in it's very limited movie theater distribution. Although overlong by at least half an hour in my opinion, the documentary was a devastating indictment of the ATF/FBI handling of the 51 day siege at Mount Carmel, the home of the Branch Davidians near Waco, Texas. Most Americans, myself included, paid little attention to the seemingly never ending standoff between the Branch Davidians and federal agents. When the place burned to the ground on April 19, 1993, I still wasn't paying attention. The official version was that an insane religious cult, led by a sexual deviant and stone cold killer, David Koresh, had "ambushed" ATF agents whilst they attempted to serve a search warrant. During that initial shootout, four ATF agents and six Branch Davidians were killed. Koresh and his crazy followers brought it upon themselves, right? I couldn't be more wrong. The official version of events was rammed down our throats day in and day out by the mainstream media. Buzzwords were repeated ad-nauseum, Cult, Pedophile, Compound, Religions that Kill, Mass Suicide, Jonestown, Sociopath. We were being conditioned by the government via the jingoistic mainstream media into a Pavlovian response to any mention of "The Wacko in Waco," that was of course that he was the heir apparent to Charlie Manson. It is a lie, as is 99% of everything else the government has told us about the events at Waco. It is a prerequisite to justifying genocide to demonize the group targeted for extinction. The Nazi's did it to the Jews. Our government did it to the Branch Davidians in 1993. Although my review is rather long, (4,688 words), I hope you to take the 15 minutes or so to educate yourself and others about incontrovertible proof that federal agents were responsible for all the approximate 79/85 deaths of the Branch Davidians during the 51 day siege. It is the most disturbing and infuriating documentary I have seen in many, many years; wholesale government slaughter proven beyond a doubt. What follows is my review of Waco: A New Revelation. Information not in the video is asterisked. The Branch Davidians were an offshoot of the Seventh-Day Adventists. They moved to Waco in the mid 1930s. They took up residence at Mount Carmel in the early 1960s. The Branch Davidians and their spiritual leader David Koresh (*since the late 1980s), practiced a totally different kind of religion than Christians. They had different marriage rules, and different property rights than most Americans. They stayed for the most part inside Mount Carmel studying the bible under the tutelage of David Koresh. They were different from most Americans, but not hostile or unfriendly. In interviews during the documentary they come across as very polite, reasonable and well mannered. On February 18, 1993, the day of the raid, the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) pulled up to the Mount Carmel residence and about 100 agents surround the Branch Davidians home, several run up to the front door. Other agents go to the back of the home and kill the Davidians' dogs. Dick Reavis, author of The Ashes of Waco, says, "...[the ATF were] Shouting Police, search warrant lay down. According to them David was standing at the front door unarmed,...Shut the door,...And the next thing the ATF knew it says, it was receiving gunfire from inside of Mount Carmel. In particular from behind that front door.” What ensues is the longest shoot out in the history of law enforcement leaving four dead ATF agents and six dead Branch Davidians. The question has always been, who shot first? Koresh and the Branch Davidians say that the ATF, totally unprovoked, shot through the door killing 60 year old Perry Jones and injuring David Koresh. The ATF had several video cameras taping the events at the front door. Dr. Philip Arnold says,"...If you don’t believe me, look at the video tape, I know you have that tape, he (Koresh) says, I saw you making it across the road.” Investigator (Attorney) David Hardy says,“...According to the agency there were three or four video cameras pointed at the front door that could tell you everything that happened to the front door of that building that day; they claim they can’t find a single one of them. Every one of those video tapes vanished.” In addition to the missing video footage, the on scene activity log (*and the front door, mentioned in Waco: The Rules of Engagement) also disappeared. In the initial raid you see ATF agents climbing onto the roof and going through a window. One Branch Davidian stated that she had just grabbed one of the children, when bullets came flying into the room. And yet Daniel Hartnett of the ATF says “...We’re a law enforcement agency, we don’t fire through walls indiscriminately at people.” Why was it necessary to use some 100 ATF agents, three helicopters and a command post to serve a simple knock warrant? Why not arrest Koresh on one of his many trips to town during the week or when jogging? * As Koresh says, “You could have arrested me any day as I jogged up and down this road, you could have arrested me going to town or going to Walmart, all of this stuff you may, you guys may want to avoid and deny...Cos this aint America anymore when the ATF has that kind of power to come into anybody’s home and kick doors down and things like that.” * The raid was officially called "Operation Trojan Horse". There is irrefutable evidence that the main reason for this overblown raid was for publicity purposes. The ATF had informed the media beforehand and even allowed a television crew to follow their cattle trailers right up to Mount Carmel. Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes" said, "Almost all the agents we talked to said that they believe the initial attack on that cult in Waco was a publicity stunt..." At trial several ATF agents stated that one of the raid leaders shouted out the phrase, "It's Showtime" as they exited the cattle trailers. See The Davidian Massacre by Carol Moore pages 89-90. Narrator Dr. Frederic Whitehurst then informs us that three Branch Davidians who were not in the building at the time of the raid try to return. Two are arrested, but Mike Schroeder is shot several times by eleven ATF agents, according to them he had a gun. An ATF agent stated later that when they left Mike laying on the ground he heard two more shots. Shroeder's autopsy report indicated two wounds behind his right ear about two inches apart. It seems that somebody went back and shot him twice in the head to make certain he was dead. The question everybody asks is, why didn't they just come out? Some woman and children did leave the building. Others chose to stay in their home, they did not trust a government who had just murdered six of their friends and had trampled on their Constitutional Rights. As Rita Riddle said; “...They were assuring us that we would be cared for in a professional manner. Then you turn around and you’ve got people that are flipping you the finger...they’re dropping their draws and baring their butts and these are the type of people that you’re supposed to go out to.” An FBI negotiator later informs Branch Davidian Steve Schnieder that it would not be wise to leave the building. FBI Negotiator “...The tactical people have changed the situation and for security reasons and for safety reasons no one is now authorized to come out of there for any reason. And what they’re telling me is, that if anybody does, they are going to be dealt with in such a fashion that the people will have to, retreat back to the compound.” Little wonder that the Davidians decided to stay in their home. The other factor stopping the Davidians from leaving the building was the fact that according to their religion, the book of Nahum, they would be attacked by a hostile army representing an apostate government, Babylon. The FBI brought in tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles. The FBI turned the power and water supply's off and started playing loud music and the sounds of rabbits being slaughtered. When Sue Johnson, Steves sister, asked the FBI why they were playing this kind of dreadful noise, she says, “...They would laugh, they acted like they wanted to do everything to antagonize them...I kept saying to my family, why are they doing this if they want them to come out.” Koresh told officials that he would come out once he had finished writing down the meaning of the seven seals. He finished the first one and began the second when the FBI started inserting massive amounts of CS gas. Officials reassured everybody that CS gas was very safe and would do no lasting harm to any of the [approximate] twenty-two children in the building, even though it is only supposed to be used outside as a riot control gas and definitely not on toddlers and infants.* * What is not explained in the documentary is the chemical makeup of CS gas and it's effects on people and children. CS gas is a white crystalline powder that causes eyes to close, burning of the skin, vomiting and severe respiratory problems on adults. The CS gas used at Waco was mixed with methylene chloride which when burned produces hydrogen cyanide, a highly toxic gas. America had signed a treaty in January of 1993 along with a hundred other nations, to ban the use of CS gas during war. Harvard professor Dr. Alan Stone, who testified at the Waco hearings in 1995, has been particularly critical of the ATF/FBI's handling of the raid and especially their use of CS gas. "I can testify from personal experience to the power of C.S. gas to quickly inflame eyes, nose, and throat, to produce choking, chest pain, gagging, and nausea in healthy adult males. It is difficult to believe that the U.S. government would deliberately plan to expose twenty-five children, most of them infants and toddlers, to C.S. gas for forty-eight hours." One eight year old child was so grotesquely deformed, her feet angled backwards towards her forehead. This is probably due to the burning of CS gas. Several charred little bodies were seen with the same disfigurement. See The Davidian Massacre by Carol Moore pages 293/297 (Also see an excellent Waco website http://www.wizardsofaz.com/waco/waco2.html ) FBI spokesman Bob Ricks said, “...We would not use dosages that would, would harm those children.” Former FBI Deputy Director Larry Potts said, “...Any indication about danger or harm to those children, the rule was, back off.” Frederic Whitehurst “...Following the gassing, the mothers of the children take them to an enclosed concrete vault which the FBI called “the bunker.” The FBI gasses the bunker for two hours.” The FBI had three sniper teams present named sierra one, two and three. The government has stated categorically and repeated many times that no shots were fired into the complex on April 19. But FBI Special Agent Charles Riley writes in his after action report that he heard shots fired that morning from sniper position number 1, the undercover house. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard who was in charge of this FBI sniper team, none other than FBI murderer Lon Horiuchi. Those unfamiliar with the name, let me give you a quick update. About seven months prior to Waco, the FBI was involved in another appalling government debacle at Ruby Ridge in August 1992 . Lon Horiuchi is the FBI sniper who shot an unarmed nursing mother, Vicki Weaver, in the face during another murderous government siege gone horribly wrong. Horiuchi was never tried for his murder, although the shooting was deemed "unconstitutional;" I'd say so. (*Randy Weaver sued the government for the death of his wife and son. He and the government later settled the civil suit, with the government paying him and his family $3.1 million.) So, about seven months after murdering Vicki Weaver, Lon Horiuchi is placed in charge of the blue sniper team at Waco. It seems Horiuchi has exactly the kind of character traits and "talents" that the FBI is looking for. Four spent shell casings are found inside the blues teams sniper location, the undercover house. On the day of the fire, April 19, whilst media cameras were focused on the front of the Davidian home, a tank was moving into the rear and out of the escape hatch drop two men. Here we see some of the most dramatic and incontrovertible evidence that the FBI shot into the back of the burning building. Using black and white FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) video footage we see two men lying prone, muzzle flashes are seen as they fire machine guns into the rear of the complex. Dr. Edward Allard, Video and FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) Image Expert has stated that the flashes coming from men moving at the rear of the building is unmistakable machine gun fire. Using frame by frame analysis Dr. Allard finds that some of the flashes are occurring at a fraction of a second, in some cases a 30th of a second. He says “...They open up with automatic gunfire...There is absolutely nothing in nature that can cause thermal flashes to occur in a 30th of a second..." We also see someone firing into the dining room area. Dr. Allard says, ”...I stopped counting after about 62 individual shots.” Earlier in the documentary we see color video footage of machine gun fire from a helicopter sent to intercept somebody exiting one of the buildings. Even more appalling is the fact that we see men firing into the only undamaged exit from the burning building, after-which about fifteen bullet ridden bodies are discovered. As Dr. Edward Allard states, “...We have men firing automatic weapons and they’re firing into the burning building...Like some sort of a cowboy movie they’re retreating down the building and firing as they’re retreating. I cannot remember something more sickening that I had to do to witness this.” The FBI says that the Davidians either shot themselves or each other. Louis Freeh stated on NBC Meet the Press, May 4th 1997 “No shots were fired by any federal agents outside of the compound...Allegations raised about gunfire seemed to be based on some inferences from Infra-ray flash patterns and heat patterns. I think the overwhelming evidence clearly shows that no shots were fired.” During the 1995 Waco hearings the government tried to counter the FLIR gunfire footage by alleging that it could be sunlight reflections. Dr. James Quintieri, Justice Department Fire Expert, says “....So therefore it is more likely to have been reflected light off of something shiny in which the sunlight now gives an apparent temperature rise.” Dr. Edward Allard says this explanation is impossible. “From the basic physics it’s safe to say that it’s impossible for the Waco FLIR to detect any solar reflections of any kind.” Department of Justice FLIR video footage taken in 1993 shows American troops parachuting into Somalia and firing their weapons while descending. The gunfire flashes look identical to the flashes on the Waco FLIR footage. Maurice Cox, a former analyst from the US Intelligence community tested the FBI claims using the principles of solar geometry. Maurice Cox's Sun Reflection Report concluded that the flashes seen on the FLIR footage could only be from gunfire. In January 1999 Mr. Cox challenged director Freeh and Bureau scientists to dispute his findings. There was no response. Another serious issue which has been settled to my satisfaction was whether Delta Force personnel (Combat Applications Group) were not only at Waco but were shooting on the Branch Davidians. If this was the case, it is a totally illegal act, in contravention of Posse Comitatus. Posse Comitatus is a criminal statute which forbids the use of military personnel to be used on civilians, except by an act of Congress. FBI Special Agent in Charge at Waco, Jeff Jama stated: “....Asked a question is, are we getting help from the Delta team and we’re not.” This is an outright lie. Even the government now admits that one or two Delta men were there. The government says they were just there as "advisors" and didn't take any direct action. This is also seemingly a lie. Gene Cullen. Senior Case Officer Special Operations Group, CIA, says; “....Originally I was told that there was just going to be one or two Delta personnel there as observers, but during the briefing it was mentioned that there was over ten Delta operators at Waco Texas, and they were not there merely as observers, but would be participating in any type of operational or tactical effort against the Branch Davidians.” March Bell, Director of Waco Congress Investigation, said: “....Delta Force were advising the (FBI) hostage rescue team from inside the tanks...Or were present at the sniper posts, to provide support or assistance, and those types of activities to me would mean forward deployed. They were not back at a conference room or table giving advice...They were out there working shoulder to shoulder with the HRT.” Steven Barry. Sgt 1st Class US Army Special Forces (Ret), says; “...I did talk to some combat applications group guys and they did confirm that yes, portions of the B squadron were there, pulling triggers.” We now have very strong evidence that elite government assassins were illegally deployed at Waco gunning down children, woman and men. Even more disturbing is the very strong evidence that a high explosive "shape charge" was purposely placed on the concrete room where many children and woman were staying. During the documentary you see the percussion of an explosion and then a dramatic fireball, which was most likely due to a rupturing propane gas bottle. We are then shown a photograph and still video footage of an approximate three foot round hole on the top of the concrete cinder block, the last sanctuary of the woman and babies. Explosive experts say this is a result of a shaped charge placed there by government agents, whether they be ATF, FBI or Delta personnel. You clearly see the rebar bent inwards. Steven Barry states; “...The, the blast hole at the top of the roof, you can plainly see the rebar is bent in. The damage to the stainless steel refrigerator, which appears to have been under the blast hole is consistent with a shape charge.” Colonel Jack Frost Ordnance Engineer USAF Retired, states; “...Having examined still photographs and video tapes of the bunker it was apparent to me that this was caused by a shape charge. But what bothers me is who would have the audacity to use such a charge.” Some have said that the hole was made by the small gas tank, but you see the explosion before the fireball of the propane gas ignition. It really is a stomach twisting sight when you witness the mangled, dismembered and pulverized remains of the people inside, ripped limb from limb, charred torso's, arms and legs strewn everywhere. The cinder block was bulldozed and the concrete buried. Some six years later it was dug up in order to test the concrete around the hole to ascertain what caused it. "Surprisingly," the concrete around the hole was "missing." Another important question lingering is, who started the fire? The government has adamantly denied firing anything into the building capable of starting a fire. The combination of CS gas vapors and fuel lanterns used by the Davidians when the power was turned off, combined to make a very volatile atmosphere. We hear on the tape some Davidians talking about spreading fuel around. The fact is that the FBI had listening devices planted all over the building and would have known about it. (*in Waco:The Rules of Engagement, agents made a sick comment prior to the fire, saying that they hoped that the Davidians had fire insurance), so they knew what was going to happen, they wanted a fire, a fire is very useful for killing people and destroying evidence of illegal FBI acts. In the fall of 1998 full access to the Waco evidence lockers was given to investigators. Pyrotechnic projectiles capable of igniting a fire and identified in crime scene photographs were missing from Waco evidence lockers. Six pyrotechnic flash-bang grenades were mislabeled as "gunparts". The flash-bangs were found in the SW corner of the building, the dining room and the Chapel, all points of origin of the fire. After the murder and carnage, it was now time for the FBI to cover-up their despicable actions and completely destroy the crime scene. The FBI had predetermined that the Branch Davidians had committed mass suicide, so the crime scene was conveniently declared a "biohazard" and the cleansing of the evidence took place. The FBI hosed down much of the evidence using water and bleach. The bodies that were brought out were obvious homicide victims according to one anonymous FBI forensic crime scene analyst. “...The majority of the people, the bodies that I saw...Were clear cut homicide victims.” The bodies were put in a refrigerated truck, but mysteriously there was no power supplied to the truck. March Bell Director of Waco Congress Investigation, said: “....For some reason, those trailers, who were under the control of the FBI, were allowed to not have any electricity running to them and the bodies deteriorated beyond which any sort of forensic evidence could be gathered. We were very, very troubled by that.” At the trial for the surviving Davidians, the Jury found them innocent of the most serious charges, conspiracy to murder federal agents and aiding and abetting murder of federal agents, which was a major embarrassment for the government. But Jury verdicts are of little consequence to a regime in which every facet is imbued with corruption. At sentencing Judge Walter Smith still sentenced seven Davidians to a total of 170 years. See The Davidian Massacre by Carol Moore, page 449/453. Jury forewoman Sarah Bain said; "...We came to realize, to late to correct, was that we could not have found them guilty of using firearms without having them, found them guilty of either conspiracy to murder or murder. Those two charges were tied together." After watching Waco: A New Revelation, I was overcome with anger, incomprehension and despair at the loss of so many for no reason whatsoever. I had just witnessed federal agents machine gunning, gassing and burning American Citizens because they hadn't played their part properly in the ATF's publicity stunt. We can name call, brand them vermin, it makes us feel better and distances us from them. But if you do that you trivialize the act and miss the point. The men and woman of the ATF/FBI who turned Mount Carmel into a killing ground epitomize a certain mentality that has become prevalent in law-enforcement in the last fifteen years or so. They bulldoze through peoples lives, from one no-knock warrant to the next, smashing down doors, machine guns at the ready. Weekly they trample on Americans rights unimpeded, encouraged by their superiors to cut corners, do whatever is necessary to get the arrest, above all, the public is the enemy. They make the law, they are above the law, what they say goes-period. But at Waco things didn't go according to the script. Some of their fellow agents were killed during a totally unnecessary and rubber stamped raid whose sole purpose was to get them some good publicity for the upcoming appropriations committee. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. They were the ones who did the shooting, they made the rules, and by God somebody was going to pay! Filled with unearned rage, empty of any compassion, reason or morals, they were going to get revenge, dammit. Driven by testosterone and the heady teenage thrill of driving tanks and destroying property, there was no stopping them now, there was blood in the air, they were on a mission. What we had at Waco were emotionally stunted bully's, their power trip in high gear, turning into remorseless killers who are unable to discern the difference between bravery and macho rhetoric. Their only frame of reference are Rambo movies. After the blood letting it's Miller time. Regale each other with war stories and false bravado. One photograph* taken after Waco sums up the mindset of these agents. It is an agent posing with two firearms on a tank. The fact that he thinks that there is anything to be proud of after the death of some 90 Americans gives us plenty of insight into what went wrong at Waco. * See http://www.wizardsofaz.com/waco/waco2.html For a few moments at Waco, the ATF/FBI walked in the footsteps of their Nazi brethren at Treblinka, Dachau, Auschwitz etc. The only difference being that under the Nazi dictatorship during World War II, anyone caught helping the Jews or refusing to kill them would be shot or imprisoned for many years. The stone killers of the ATF/FBI could have, at any time said, no more, they could have walked away. They may have been able to alert an ignorant public. Their worst fate would have been losing their job, and that is the difference. Do you think preserving you and your children's freedoms and way of life as Americans is very important? Do you think holding your government and government agencies accountable for their actions is very important? Do you think learning the truth about Waco and not the propaganda spewed forth in the mainstream media is very important? If you think these reasons and many more are of vital importance then purchase this video. I suppose you can do a couple of things. You can wring your hands and mouth off some platitudes, how bad the government is, what can you do? Blow off some steam and make yourself feel that you have done something. Five minutes later you get back to the game on TV. Or you can purchase the video and invite your friends and family around to learn about one of the most mendacious government orchestrated events that you will ever witness. Get it aired on public access TV. I hope at least that you e-mail 5 or 10+ people with my review and let them make up their own minds. I wonder when the next Waco will come; I hope and pray, never. But I do know one thing for certain, unchecked government tyranny never stops at one or two or three acts of mass murder, they are never satisfied until we are all subjugated. The thirst for power is unquenchable for the Clinton's, the Reno's' and the Freeh's of this world. If you think otherwise, you are living in a state of denial, and the next Waco, and the next, are just around the corner. I will leave you with a quote from Branch Davidian Paul Fatta, sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Thank you for listening. Gavin Phillips. (freee80@hotmail.com) "...This system had every opportunity to be fair and honest and truthful and treat us properly and they chose not to. They chose to lie, to deceive and to cover-up, to cover their position or their retirement or their, whatever it may be, and that's something they gotta deal with, they gotta look at their selves in the mirror every morning and say that, hey, I made decisions that ended up costing a lot of people their lives." - Paul Fatta

Please e-mail, fax, telephone, post on websites and distribute as far and wide as possible. Help prevent the insanity of another Waco. Official Distributor. MGA Films 1-800-277-9802 Two websites I have found that accept credit cards for online orders.

http://www.abysmal.com/patriot/ http://www.silent45.com/shop/home.asp

MySpace Is The Trojan Horse Of Internet Censorship Media elite's last gasp effort to save crumbling empire

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | March 16 2006

MySpace isn't cool, it isn't hip and it isn't trendy. It represents a cyber trojan horse and the media elite's last gasp effort to reclaim control of the Internet and sink it with a stranglehold of regulation, control and censorship. Since Rupert Murdoch's $580 Million acquisition of MySpace in July 2005, it has come from total obscurity to now being the 8th most visited website in the world, receiving half as many page hits as Google, despite the fact that on first appearance it looks like a 5-year-old's picture scrap and scribble book. MySpace is the new mobile phone. If you don't have a MySpace account then you belong to some kind of culturally shunned underclass. What most of the trendy wendy's remain blissfully unaware of is the fact that MySpace is Rupert Murdoch's battle axe for shaping a future Internet environment whereby electronic dissent, whether it be against corporations or government, will not tolerated and freedom of e-speech will cease to exist. MySpace has been caught shutting down blogs critical of itself and other Murdoch owned companies. They even had the audacity to censor links to completely different websites when clicking through for MySpace. When 600 MySpace users complained, MySpace deleted the blog forum that the complaints were posted on. Taking their inspiration from Communist China, MySpace regularly uses blanket censorship to block out words like 'God'. Earlier this week Rupert Murdoch sounded the death knell for conventional forms of media in stating that the media elite were losing their monopoly to the rapid and free spread of new communication technologies. Murdoch stressed the need to regain control of these outlets in order to prevent the establishment media empire from crumbling. MySpace is Rupert Murdoch's trojan horse for destroying free speech on the Internet. It is a foundational keystone of the first wave of the state's backlash to the damage that a free and open Internet has done to their organs of propaganda. By firstly making it cool, trendy and culturally elite for millions to flock to establishment controlled Internet backbones like MySpace, Murdoch is preparing the groundwork for the day when it will stop being voluntary and become mandatory to use government and corporate monopoly controlled Internet hubs. The end game is a system similar to or worse than China, whereby no websites even mildly critical of the government will be authorized. The Pentagon admitted that they would engage in psychological warfare and cyber attacks on 'enemy' Internet websites in an attempt to shut them down. The fact that the NSA surveillance program spied on 5,000 Americans tells us that the enemy is the alternative media and that it will be targeted for elimination. Google has been ordered to turn over information about its users by a judge to the US government. The second wave of destroying freedom of speech online will simply attempt to price people out of using the conventional Internet and force people over to Internet 2, a state regulated hub where permission will need to be obtained directly from an FCC or government bureau to set up a website. The original Internet will then be turned into a mass surveillance database and marketing tool. The Nation magazine reported, "Verizon, Comcast, Bell South and other communications giants are developing strategies that would track and store information on our every move in cyberspace in a vast data-collection and marketing system, the scope of which could rival the National Security Agency. According to white papers now being circulated in the cable, telephone and telecommunications industries, those with the deepest pockets--corporations, special-interest groups and major advertisers--would get preferred treatment. Content from these providers would have first priority on our computer and television screens, while information seen as undesirable, such as peer-to-peer communications, could be relegated to a slow lane or simply shut out." The original Internet will deliberately be subject to crash upon crash until it becomes a useless carcass of overpriced trash and its reputation will be defiled by the TV and media barons cashing in on the perfectly streamlined Internet 2, the free for all network that just requires you to thumbscan in order to log on! Those with a security grading below yellow on their national ID card will unfortunately be refused access. Websites that carry hate speech (ones that talk about government corruption) will be censored for the betterment of society. For the aspiring dictator, the Internet is a dangerous tool that has been seized by the enemy. We have come a long way since 1969, when the ARPANET was created solely for US government use. The Internet is freedom's best friend and the bane of control freaks. Its eradication is one of the short term goals of those that seek to centralize power and subjugate the world under a global surveillance panopticon prison. Rupert Murdoch's MySpace and its ceaseless promotion by the establishment media as the best thing since sliced bread is part of this movement. In saying all this we do encourage everyone to set up a MySpace account, but only if you're going to use it to bash MySpace, Rupert Murdoch and copy and paste this article right at the top of the page! See how long it is before your account is terminated.


It is no longer just a whisper among the conspiracy theorists that the militarisation of the weather is a reality. “he who controls the weather controls the world” Pending congressional legislation S517. introduced by Texan senator Kay Bailey-Hutchinson, the bill entitled ”the weather modification and research technology transfer authorisation act, came up for debate on October first 2005. Ionospheric manipulation includes artificial electronic field intensities, a cyclone can be created by this method, the challenge is in guiding the typhoon or cyclone to the opponents central warfare programme, to this end scientists are now using under the A.W.M guidelines ( artificial weather manipulation ) deflection shielding, and solar flares can be deflected to the eye of the cyclone and drag it to the desired path, and electromagnetic guiding seems the desired methodology.


This has been a hot topic for some time, And there are many voices in the U S military who are asking about the origins particularly of hurricane Katrina, as to it being an intentional government manipulation, or a mistake, congressional voices since Sanger in the 1920s have asked whether to bring in compulsory birth control in black areas would cut the prison population, muted voices in Britain following Winston Churchill’s ideas in eugenics have said similar, but a main point in the local press was over government aid being so slow to reach the Katrina tragedy ?


A new scenario is unfolding here in Britain, for the first time the large insular communities of both the Hindu and Islam populations are uniting together in the inner city rioting with blacks in Cities such as Birmingham, recent news on this has been heavily slanted and censured for us at home. Community leaders from the huge and normally peaceful British Indian and Pakistani communities express extreme anger over pictures seen on our T V screens of the bombing of Iraqi residential suburbs, and Donald Rumsfelt condoning copies of the Koran being flushed down the toilets at Guantanamo Bay, and the scandals over “Enforced Rendition” now Muslim scholars tell me that the Jewish sorcerers of the old testament could alter the weather conditions, 2000 years ago, and the same game plan was used against America. Indo/Pak sorcerers known as Jadooka have been experimenting with cones of power, circles and pentagrams, and based on red Indian rain ceremonies claim some success in offerings to the Hindu god of thunderstorms, and at harnessing and controlling the necessary demonic forces.


November first was “the feast of lights” known as Diwali, and Eid al-Fitre, rumours abound that a team of holy men met and using the breathing rhythm of “allah-hu” is tried to bring the forces into this dimension to create their own “shock and awe” to the United States in the form of another weather manipulation, this time again wreaked from the spirit world, to the United States. But how much of this is true ? and is this just more government disinformation and lies ? Certainly some of this does stack up, the anger is real, the head of the Bradford mosques refused to speak or comment on this article, only to say “nations reap what they sow.” T Stokes paranormalist copyright 2005


The various counselling services in Britain are recognising the appearance of a powerful new drug. Called “ computer addiction” it states that some youngsters spend whole days or evenings watching the screen. Games consuls in the main expose us to most risk, as the violence on screen is seen by many to dangerously lower our threshold of tolerance, Making us accept criminality, violence and porn as “ normal.” We take these computers for granted, but do you know their history ? During W. W. II. The British secret services broke the complex German war codes ( look up ultra and enigma ) at Bletchley park. by the manufacture of the first real computer. Nicknamed Colossus, this huge machine was pushed through by Winston Churchill under his mentor Lord Rothschild, in fact the computer is officially listed as a Jewish invention, which is strange as one does not see Catholic inventions ! The breaking of the German codes meant we knew in advance all the moves of the German military would make, this information found its way to the Soviets through both official, and unofficial channels. Military historians of all shades of opinion, recognise that this single event did more to lose Germany the war than any other, we cannot say Britain won the war because we did not, we lost our colonies, were bombed to shreds and were financially bankrupted and became Americas servant. Similarly some historians claim Russia was our ally during W.W.II Not so, Stalin worked against us the whole way through. After the war. This huge computer called Colossus, Which could have revolutionised the world under British know-how, Was under Churchill’s orders, wait for this now- to be burnt, smashed and broken up into small Sections, and the remains buried separately in secret locations. Why would such a great invention as the computer end up scrapped like this ? Because under Soviet archive material lord and lady Rothschild, the illuminati bankers, codenamed “David and Rosa” were spies all along for Russia, and later for Israel Lord Rothschild wanted the computer details to later sponsor a company in Tel-Aviv to produce them, when the land was available for Israel’s birth in 1948. The intell-pentium company produces some of the most up to date defence ware Which is used world wide, Superspies Robert Maxwell and Jonathan pollard have both made the claim that Israel can read and alter, what information comes back to source through this spyware. Plans are now afoot to recreate the first electronic digital computer, the Colossus at One of the Rothschild homes, Waddesdon hall, Historians cannot decide whether Rothschild financed the research to the first computer or not, but it was his servant Churchill who ordered its destruction, For while we fought the Germans, Churchill’s war was against alcoholism and his own people.

T Stokes


The real reasons for the war in Iraq, according to Mossad’s own internal memo’s, are that for Israel to agree to the “roadmap” and talk peace, Iraq had to be neutralised and an “Israel friendly” puppet regime installed , which would reduce Israeli oil bills by 45%. The seizure of Iraqi oil and finances in foreign banks was seen to be payment for the expenditure incurred in the war. The timing of the war on Iraq was critical because Saddham Hussein intended to start selling oil and payment would be in the European currency of the Euro- and refused to accept the American dollar.- Just if anyone doubts the reasons for war were primarily economic, Internal reports from the Strategic support branch, the Sanyannin and the J.I.C suggest the following; Britain and America bribed Iraq’s Saddham Hussein to fight an 8 year war with Iran, because the Israel though the Ayatholla too powerful, the promised reward by America and condoned by Britain- was the return of Kuwait, previously annexed by the British. We even gave him the money, arms and technological expertise to fight this war, While the C.I.A armed and bribed the marsh Arabs and the Kurds to attack Baathist strongholds on a regular basis. Another stumbling block was the removal of Yasser Arafat, who was kind enough to die from “natural causes” just at the right time for the roadmap, And his replacement with an American puppet was helpful to land movement plans in Tel Aviv. During the sanctions period, half a million people died when medical supplies were refused to Iraq, including women and children. Stage two of the roadmap now being negotiated- is that British commonwealth soldiers from Australia, Canada etc, will be moved in and act as “peace keepers” in Iraq, leaving U.S forces to move in on Syria and Iran. This part of the Israeli roadmap suggests Jordan and Egypt are exempt. Internal J.I.C documentation tells that certain multi national companies lost money during the sanctions period and have already claimed against the Iraqi estate the following; Halliburton $18 million. Pepsi $3.8 million. Bechtel $7 million. Mobil $2.3 million. Philip Morris tobacco $ 1.3 million. Sheraton $ 11 million. Shell $ 1.6 million .Nestle $2.6 million. Kentucky fried chicken $321 million , and “Toys R Us has claimed a wopping $505million. That America assisted the I.R.A bombings in Britain is beyond dispute, yet Tony Blair allowed this terrorism on our shores to go on and on, yet was part of a grand lie On Iraqi terrorism, which has led to the deaths of over 100,000 Iraqis, We will not mention Palestine, and the real agenda for Bush, Blair and Sharon.

Your T Stokes


I confess I am a binge thinker, I do not think for days on end then I have a brainstorm and go on a binge thinking session. I think it runs in families as my father was an undiagnosed binge thinker too. My latest binge is focussed on a news item Wittgenstein the philosopher said; “the most important aspects to us are hidden because of simplicity and familiarity” we often do not see what is under our own nose, or the wood for the trees. The T.V. news said that the Bosnian Serb leader was to be charged with mass murders, from the Serbia/Croat conflict. Yet George Bush, Tony Blair and Ariel Sharon, walk free after they have combined to despoil the Middle east with their mass murders, if the law was a real force, the same rules would apply to all. The British domestic series of murder trials and appeals where the stepfather Sion Jenkins, was charged with the killing of his stepdaughter Billie-Joe, could not come up with a verdict after spending £10, 000,000 Lawyers are among the highest paid professionals anywhere, yet they cannot agree on the law, it must be the most immoral of practises for one man to be paid his money to prove you guilty, and another man paid to prove your innocence, no mention of the truth here, even prostitutes believe in what they do. The Jewish based prosecution of author David Irving and his sentence of 3 years for “ holocaust denial “ when seen in context that the whole Jewish race are “Jesus deniers” seems absurd. The law should be the servant of the people, but when people are used to serve the law, something is wrong here. We must fight to get back to free speech.

T Stokes


If one thinks back to the medieval witchcraft trials, the church told us of the grave danger we were in from witches, who under governorship of the devil, were out to harm and corrupt us, only by obeying church rules to the letter would we be saved from this evil. A network of informants was in place to point the finger of guilt, and the cruellest of torture given to those who may have fallen into the devils clutches. Luckily, the soldiers for Christ were there for our protection. Only now, all this time after, can we see through the smokescreen of hatred, to what it was really all about To keep the people in fear and slavery, happy to give up their money and their freedom, for the “Jesus” industry. There is a saying that “those who do not learn the lessons of the past, are condemned to repeat them,” Hermenuetics is the translation of the word of scripture, that is the law of religious ethics, into a form understood by the masses, and with any external imposed religion, it is subject to abuse, it can of course be turned to spout the exact opposite of the meaning intended, proof of this is the fact that over 200 Christian sects all claim their biblical interpretation is the correct one. History is cyclical, it repeats itself, and now what do we see ? We have a scenario unfolding for the modern day, when the devil is now played by Osama Bin laden, who is out to harm and corrupt us, the witches are now the Muslims and fellow travellers, who must be, if not burnt at the stake, certainly bombed and burnt in their homes. Luckily, the torturers at Guantanamo Bay are doing a grand job, with the modern day thumb screws, iron maiden etc. and just as Jesus wanted to be crucified for our sins, So the part is now played by Iraqi insurgents, terrorists and militiamen, who it is said, are also happy to die for our sins. So the Spanish inquisition is now the war on terror, where heretics must suffer if they refuse the brand of freedom and democracy, offered by the American senate. The modern soldiers for Christ are blindly following the same old script, it is a good job they are led by the blessed trinity, Bush, Blair and Sharon. Just as the medieval lawmakers would confiscate and keep witches property, so the modern witchfinder’s can legally take and keep Arab finances in western banks, and of course their oil. It seems we have updated the law whereby, we swim them and if they drown they are innocent, and if they float they are guilty, and can legally be killed. The blindfolding of the population to the criminal activity of our leaders, traditionally follows the fall of the tower of Babel, or now the twin towers of Babel. And is part of the pattern of the “devils fightback” and justifies any means necessary in the war on terror/witchcraft. Where Hermenuetics fits in, is the clawing back of the ability to think and feel for ourselves, only by rejecting the vested interests of external higher-archical religions And looking to the world within for our own genuine spiritual identity, and path forward, and to not hate our neighbours, can we ever hope to achieve that feeling of belonging, that feeling of oneness that being in harmony with our spiritual selves can give, and we may at times be able to see that promise and grasp at it, but only a spiritual life can hold that promise.

Yours faithfully T.Stokes paranormal studies lecturer copyright 2005


One of Britain’s leading agony aunts in a two page spread in a national paper, confessed over the years she had suffered depression and feelings of worthlessness, and had wasted £54,000 on different psychologists, and none helped. This took great courage to say what many of us know, that only a percentage of people benefit from counselling and psychotherapy, for many others it just regurgitates all the difficult memories, for those like myself who have worked long in this field, it was no surprise at all to hear that most therapists just sat there like highly paid stuffed dummies and said nothing. She went on to call most practitioners “con artists” and said only cognitive therapy and medication was of minor help to her when in great need, many of the “therapists” were “quack psychologists” which made her feel worse Psychologists at Missouri University concluded in the biggest study of its kind this week that violence in cartoons video games and T V programmes are in fact harmful to children, in the past psychologists opinions have been divided here, depending on who was paying them. Many of today’s newspapers in Britain had a page advertisement in colour, offering 12 crime detective programmes together at a reduced rate. These were Inspector Wexford, A touch of frost, Prime Suspect, Cracker, Foyle’s War, Rosemary and Thyme, Hetty Wainthropp, The Last Detective, P.D. James, Jonathan Creek, and Sherlock Homes, every one a murder, what would those at Missouri say about that ? and every single victim a woman. This is a part of the trend just now to push forward the “heterophobic agenda” As supported by Tony Blair, yet his party were among the first attack dogs to decry Liberal party leadership contender Mark Oaten for his voracious appetite for rent boys, he should have realised only Catholic priests can get away with that.

T Stokes


In Tony’s visit to the Vatican just before the war on Iraq, we are informed that Tony told the pope that he had quote; “gods permission to attack Iraq and kill muslims” This statement has now been eclipsed by his words of March 3rd 2006 When he again said in the news that god told him to launch this horrific racist and terrorist attack, George Bush has used the same lame excuse. The mass murderer Peter Sutcliffe also said god told him to go kill people, Doctor Harold Shipman also made the same claim. Many have questioned the sanity and honesty of our present leaders. Blair’s paymasters in Tel-Aviv are said to have paid handsomely for Blair and Bush to use British and U.S. troops to fight their war by proxy. BITTER PRAYER One hundred years ago, the greatest of American authors of the century Mark Twain wrote this, . “Only dead men can tell the truth , and I have told the whole truth in this prayer to be published after my death. “O lord our god, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with shells, help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead, help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire, help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief, help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to wander unfriended through wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sport of the suns flames and icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring thee for the refuge of the grave and being denied it,-for our sakes who adore thee. Lord blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make heavy their steps, water their way with tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet, we ask of one who is the spirit of love, and the ever faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset, and seek his aid with humble and contrite hearts. Grant our prayer O lord, and thine shall be the praise and honour and glory now and forever amen. A personal message for Bush Blair and Sharon.

T. Stokes lecturer in paranormal studies


This is a rare occurrence but a recent case in Rumania, where a nun from the holy trinity convent in the village of Tanacu, named Irina Maricica Cornici is to have her body exhumed for forensic tests. The general Prosecutors office ruled that the 23 year old nun who had been secretly tied up, and chained to a cross for several days without food or water during the ritual, Was killed unlawfully. A monk and 4 nuns have been charged with her murder, and in a bid to prove he is innocent, the monk has asked the brother of the nun to come forward as he asked for the exorcism, to cure her mental illness, which is believed to be schizophrenia. They are on temporary release, but the charges remain and they could be back for 25 years in jail for her murder. The larger picture here is that there are many cases on record of catholic exorcisms being handled in the same way, the tying up and the withholding of food and drink, And being forced to touch religious relics, sometimes having them put into the mouth or other bodily orifices, this seems to be standard procedure, I have witnessed similar myself, and remember nuns in children’s homes are on record for this very behaviour, A variety of cause is behind this from disruptive behaviour to being left handed, and inability to recite bible tracts. So for me the church should also be on trial, as should the belief that spirits enter children’s bodies through their sex organs, this is still cannon Church of England doctrine, and this can be part of, or a prelude to, emotional or sexual abuse, As in recent Evangelical cases. The newspapers in Britain recently contained the disturbing news that the senior churchman in charge of the recent child abuse allegations, has himself been accused of cases going back 30 years. There is much argument between experts over what constitutes possession, with differentials over mental illness, and physical dysfunctionality. The church has made a mess of many recent exorcisms using the new guidelines and changes since the death of master exorcist Dom Robert Petit-Pierre, who told me this is the very scenario he feared. His advice for madness still stands the test of time, “ look for people claiming to be saviours of the people like Joan of Arc, Conversing hysterically with invisible spirits, wetting the bed at 45 years of age, and refusing to speak for months at a stretch” But what is madness ? It seems you can no longer trust the church in these spiritual matters, trust has also gone from the politicians to govern us honestly, doctors to not harm us with needless pharmaceutical drugs, and the police to stop crime. Why do we have these people in power if they do not serve the public With transparency and honesty. Yours T Stokes paranormalist copyright 2005

THAMES BARRIER word count 897 The question why Britain decided suddenly in 1965 to build the Thames barrier, the cost of this was over the 8 year build, was one billion pounds which will be repaid in 2030. the reason given was that climate changes, and melting icecaps Coupled to a surge tide could flood London. But the truth was very different, Winston Churchill’s funeral in July 1965, meant a better international climate to encourage Soviet defectors, it was rumoured for many years in Moscow that Churchill was very pro Russia during particularly W.W.II. even forbidding intelligence gathering on them, and giving armament supplies much needed in Britain, away to Russia, this incredible situation was instigated by Lord Rothschild, who also pressured on Soviet orders to get agent Guy Burgess, to marry Clarissa, Churchill’s daughter, although this failed, it shows the closeness of the Soviet, and Jewish underground spy rings to Churchill and the heart of the wartime government in Britain. Rothschild did cover for the Cambridge traitors, particularly Sir Anthony Blunt for many years, Blunt actually told me this. Stalin’s daughter Svetlana defected to America in 1967, the insider rumours were that she had no knowledge of any value, but she did have “hearsay evidence” from discussions going back many years, this hearsay can be of value if it cross-checks with other known facts, and can often fill in unknown details, one of which was that she feared for her safety after the “doctors plot” the doctors who were said to have murdered Stalin, her father, to bolster the Jewish power block, now pushing behind the election of Khrushchev, and again linked to Rothschild. Behind this power broking at major levels a Soviet defector named Oleg Penkovsky, Brought information to the west that is still largely classified, and very controversial. Part of this was that the Soviets had a plan to create a flap, sending all the British government into the nuclear bunker by the houses of parliament, then just one very small bomb, say a 5 to 10 megaton device, dropped at the mouth of the river Thames at high tide, and the rush of water would flood the whole Thames basin, killing the government, leaving Britain without leaders, and open to manipulation. The replies from the British politicians when they heard this were unrepeatable ! So we had the Thames barrier built. I remember at the time being aware that a ring of Soviet nuclear armed submarines encircled Britain “ on an exercise” and coming home on the bus, and casually looking out of the window and thinking; all this may be gone tomorrow ! If war did break out between the Soviets and the West, America was determined to keep any action away from its homeland, so kept considerable bases on British soil, in full maintenance for any such scenario. Dr Henry .Kissenger once joked within the hearing of a secretary, “we will defend our territory to the last drop of British blood” Several defectors spoke of labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson being “soviet Friendly” and his predecessor Hugh Gaitskell was murdered to get him elected. There was information leakages which can only have come from Wilson’s office, this was narrowed down to just 3 people, under his leadership the country was rife with strikes, crime and hardship, so with that in mind, and I remember this so well, the heads of the Army, navy, fire brigade, the police and emergency services met together in the London Masonic hall to discuss a military take over in Britain, and Lord Mountbatten was asked to head this Junta, remember Mountbatten had married into the Rothschild clan, giving total British dominance to Rothschild. It was said then that the intelligence services knew there were 13 members of parliament known to be working for the soviets, and others on the periphery. Wilson’s deputy Prime Minister, Lord George Brown under great stress, broke ranks to become a British intelligence asset, so angry was he that the then Labour party that he loved could be subverted by Russia. Information from a host of Soviet and Israeli contacts, some on record and some not, the K.G.B and G.R.U files list spies for Russia and Israel “ David and Rosa” as lord Victor Rothschild and his wife Tess, and the code name from the files for Wilson was “olding” The upshot of pressure on Wilson for answers, was that Wilson retired overnight using his March 1976 birthday as an excuse. Arguments still go on in certain quarters over whether M.I.5 chief Sir Roger Hollis, was just a complete buffoon and incompetent, or a soviet agent, But from recent information trawling mainly from Vitali Mitrokhin, Yuri Modin and the Golitzin documents, it appears that Hollis was undermined continually by Rothschild, and was just an incompetent, ( in my opinion ) Certainly I was myself a watcher on Hollis after his retirement to Somerset, at the Brean and Berrow golf club, and it is in retirement that many slip up. Rothschild’s position behind the government and intelligence services particularly in W.W.II has always been covered up, Lets not forget he was Winston Churchill’s main advisor friend and financier in both world wars. Lets see the British freedom of information act actually work for once, and see how we the British public, were tricked into entering 2 world wars, and the Iraq fiasco. T Stokes


T Stokes article Fraudulent letters sent to newspapers, by a secret government think tank here in Britain, are designed to state the desirability of regulating alternative medicine, prior to a phase out, in favour of all allopathic treatments. This has been part of a concerted drug industry attack on complementary therapists. But these alternative Disciplines are flourishing because of the failure of allopathic medicine. One only has to look at such British cases as Dr. Rodney “butcher” ledward, the gynaecological surgeon who ruined hundreds of gynaecological operations yet was still working in the health industry, or the “angel of death” Beverly Allet, or Prof. Sir Roy Meadows who made the decisions that resulted in many mothers with cot deaths, being wrongly sent to prison for murdering their babies, and gave spurious advice to social workers on splitting parents from their children, but the classic must be the Shipman case, the best random killer of patients since Dr. Crippen. One asks, how many have gone undetected ? Doctors make so many mistakes that there is even a name for it, “Iatrogenic” At medical school a few years ago if you could diagnose correctly in 50% of cases that would count as a pass, the other 50% does not bear thinking about. My own subject psychology is ridden with fraud and incompetence. Medical blunders kill more people a year in Britain, than alcoholism, road deaths and Gerry Adams put together. Your G.P. and his allopathic medicine is seen more and more as a failure, even the royal family will not use it. The idea that you are not an individual but an intestine, a colon or a heart is called “reductionism” and has been a damaging trend in medicine, and the upshot is the blossoming of person centred medicine, particularly supported by prince Charles. Fortunately we have common ground, today’s acupuncturists, osteopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, hypno therapists etc cross over with well qualified spiritual healers mediums and fortune tellers, in looking at the whole person, and remember the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Most alternative healers and readers have a whole basket of skills, which like the royal family, the general public is turning to in ever greater numbers. We are constantly bombarded with data from special interest groups, with their own axes to grind. The alternatives clinic where I am associated has so much crap paperwork this year alone, that laid end to end it is bigger than Cherie Blair’s backside. The E.E.C are to ban the use of both vitamin supplements and herbal products, with data twisted by the multi national drug companies, in order to promote their own produce. The knowledge that every doctors surgery and every G.P. countrywide, is held in the grip of the drug companies, and all medical surveys are sponsored by them, is not reassuring. On my last visit to a surgery, the doctor could not even speak English. The British medical Journal tells us a doctors appointment lasts 6 to 7 minutes on average, how much can a doctor learn in that little time ? Why pay £6 for a prescription when a medical herbalist will diagnose, and supply you clean medicaments for often under a pound. When I was at school science was one of my best subjects, but a recent schools survey showed 60% of pupils saw it as no longer relevant. Science is discredited by its own practitioners, the latest findings this year will be replaced next year with the new. One of my biggest critics is the same professor who cuts the top from monkeys heads to affix electrical wires, with research grants from Tony Blair, and he says my alternative lectures are “unscientific”. Leeds University claimed their research showed that depression increased at full moon and so did suicides, bladder problems, gout, heart difficulties and childbirth figures all peaked immediately after a full moon. Britain’s down market Daily Mirror news paper of May 19th carried a page of supporting data showing all fluid related incidents were statistically up at this time, medical scientists are also perplexed as to the linkage of women’s periods to the Lunar cycle, And certain crimes such as the insurance figures for arson are also well up at full moon. So do we really need the tops of monkeys heads sawn off to tell us that the brain fluids, blood etc are all affected by the lunar cycle Astrologers have told us this since the time of Hypocrites. I would guess there must be more intelligence in the monkeys brain than in Tony Blair’s. One London senior school some time back completed a device so sensitive it could measure the moons pull on a cup of tea, and its fluctuations during the month. When scientists discover morality they may just find that the public will not find science quite so unpalatable. Now who were those scientists who told us the world was flat ? A monkey with his head sawn off could do better than that !

Yours faithfully T. Stokes paranormal studies lecturer

VOICE OF PROPHECY “666” written in July 2002 and recently updated

This year on 6th of June 2006, which translates to 6-6-06 Is the long awaited key date for the final battle of the Armageddon. The astrological setup for the full moon on june11 shows Sagittarius in conjunction with Pluto, during a full moon. The omens are ominous for the axis of evil, Bush Blair and Sharon, To maximise the middle east bloodshed on this date. The church of England is also under threat as is the monarchy, and what remains of personal freedoms. This is the time when honest men the world over must stand up and be counted to say their piece. Every where we look we recognise those of the same group soul, I imagined as did so many others we were here to mop up after the cold war, but here in the fullness of time my fears were unfounded. The numbers of people who feel spiritually and emotionally disenfranchised, even the sheer numbers of people suffering stress, spiritual loneliness, alienation, depression or unease, can no longer be dismissed. Many people in their sleep state are striving desperately to prevent the coming Armageddon in the Middle East. In times of crisis we are always sent messengers. The Cold war ended when the predicted man with the sign of the “comet” on his head would come to power. this coincided with ”Halley’s comet,” appearing while President Gorbachev was in office. Gorbachev had a comet shaped birthmark on his forehead. Now President Bush— Incidentally the “Bush” in the dictionary under the term “bush man” is described as a would be settler or traveller in an uncleared land. directly along side the worrying terms -- “bushfire” and “ burning bush.” The American senate has described Iraq as a land needing clearing, and for years back psychics have seen burning oil wells. The battle has been raging on the inner planes for some time, no wonder so many wake ill or exhausted, remember in the fight against evil each must play his part in prevention. Just as Stalin the man of atheism, communism and materialism has been identified as an anagram of Satan, the letter “L” means 50 in Latin, coinciding to his stated 50 year march to world domination. If experts assign Stalin as one of the antichrists, why are the voices of righteousness so silent on “the axis of evil” Bush, Blair and Sharon’ss assault on the Muslim world? Where next ? Attacks on foreigners are called by Britain’s New Labour “hate crimes” Only the government is exempt. All people just want to live in peace, why are governments so different ? Finally, the book of revelation tells of the mark of the beast on the head and hand, Tony Blair has the well-documented “Simian line” on his hand, this is recognised as an atavistic or psychopathic indicator, and the trigram from the “I Ching” of the linear formation across his forehead, means “hell below”. And I thought thou shalt not kill was a Christian commandment! ` or maybe muslims do not count. Incidentally,in Tony Blairs Sedgefield constituency at the 2005 election, the figures for the electorate were the strange number of 66,666. A case of the devil looking after his own. “By their fruits shall ye know them”? T. Stokes paranormal studies lecturer Copyright April 2002


New York Feb. 23rd 2006 Four men were charged with illegally harvesting and selling dead body tissues from 1077 corpses including that of British broadcaster Allistair Cooke. The men who worked for a human medical tissue implant company, Were charged with conspiracy, unlawful dissection and forgery, Were said to have made over $2000,000 selling body parts from a Brooklyn funeral home. Everything from glands eyes organs and particularly bones were sold mainly for hip implants, After taking bones from bodies they replaced them with plastic pipes, Medical practitioners have since the days of the Victorian body snatchers Burke and Hare have used the dead for experimentation. The practise is said to be widespread across both the U.S and Britain The men face a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

T Stokes paranormalist


Today February 23rd 2006 the British government announced a scheme to get more people to vote in elections, by lowering the voting age so that school children aged 16 could be pressured into taking part. Most adults are aware that a political party is funded by big business, political donations are not made for nothing, there has to be a “payback time” And this is why politicians are highly paid directors on company boards, Because of their inside knowledge. The situation in the Britain of today where Tony Blair could call a war on Iraq on his own, without the support of the people, his party or the government, shows the evil of his dictatorship and that Britain is not a democracy, in fact the same financial backers exist behind both political parties, America is the same, vote Democrat or Republican = get a Jew. as there is actually no difference between the parties. Britain’s last major election saw James Goldsmiths new Referendum party, This purported to be an honest attempt to give freedom to British voters on a referendum over Europe. But James Goldsmith was one of the Rothschild’s illuminati banker crowd Who backed Tony Blair, exposing the Referendum party as a sham to split the Tory vote allowing in more New Labour M.P s which it did, Because Tony Blair agreed to a war On the Middle East before even coming to power, In fact, that’s why he came to power ! It is said you can tell a company by its shareholders, by this same rule you can tell what the policies will be by a look at those who gave it money. Tony and co. are funded by Israeli interests, and so is George Bush, these financial backers who put in the money, then push for the destruction of Iraq and these puppets follow it up, along with the next Israeli unfriendly country on the list. The fact that both Bush and Blair obtained office on fraudulent vote counts, Means all actions taken by them in office have no legal covering in law, for what they do in that office must by implication also be illegal The prosecution of Ratco Miladic for war crimes, is laughable when Bush Blair and Sharon are exempt., no one seems responsible for the dreadful Palestinian holocaust. So to change voting rules to allow school children the vote, and remember the indoctrination and propaganda for school kids under New Labour is colossal, so it would not be a free vote at all, because to have a free vote, means access to free information, something no government wants.

T Stokes


The proposed tightening of the religious correctness laws in line with the existing laws on political correctness, has far reaching implications, not just for Britain. The recent attacks on spiritualism, and spiritual subjects from the psuedo scientific and psychological quack schools of the Richard Wiseman, Tony Youens /James Randi million dollar brigade, are a thinly disguised breach of section 9 of the human rights act., aimed at preventing religious discrimination or persecution. The act promises freedom to worship in whatever way chosen, and ridicule in any form is an offence. And religious intolerance is taken very seriously. The Human Rights watch, took great exception to President Clinton who with 60 evangelical activists prevented it coming to law, in America, but religious intolerance is still covered and a test case recently in Greece when religious nuisances ( jehovahs witness’s) were also legally protected. The legal terminology remember is, “The Rape of Others Beliefs”, which covers all peoples spiritual opinions including spiritualists, vegan’s, witches, druids, wiccan’s, agnostic’s and even transsexuals, private spirituality. This also poses more legal problems for Israel’s military occupation of Muslim territories, with its interference in their religious life. The recent nonsense of a fake séance conducted in co-operation with Britain’s science museum, was a farce. My group also contacted the science museum offering a fake debunking/psychology lecture, and this was refused, making them hardly impartial. So the science museum aided and abetted ; “A rape of our beliefs” Under the new law, they could also be sued for extensive damages. They should at least offer us the opportunity to speak, this they have refused. Do not forget that if the quack Richard Wiseman /James Randi million dollar brigade, deny the phenomena of spiritualism, they must also by implication, deny the miracles of the bible. So they are exposed as “Jesus deniers” there is no place in today’s society for people to profit from bigotry and racism, particularly under the guise of exposing, and laughing at others religious beliefs.. The American legal umbrella has world wide coverage, despite problems with the fundamentalist evangelical stranglehold on policy, and its heavy handed approach on George Bush. The only proviso is that profit making organisations are not covered.- And that means that the Richard Wiseman, Tony Youens/James Randi million dollar brigade, whose beliefs are for sale to the highest bidders, are law breakers and the law should now punish them .

T.Stokes paranormal studies lecturer


While I believe certain aspects in a governments defence programme should remain secret, there can be some things that are so evil, that knowledge of same should be in the public domain. Never before have I spoken of this, and I may never do so again. Operation Paperclip was the American backed initiative to seize as many senior German war operatives as possible at the end of W.W.II. We had foolishly and against the wisdom of British intelligence, allowed the Soviet Union to dictate our war effort to Churchill, and let Russia grab half of Europe at wars end, the race was on to impound as many German war intelligentsia as possible, before the Soviets could get them back to Russia. Wartime records from 1940-45 and the national archives, with red cross details tell of the "London cage" a centre for captured German soldiers and civilians, In Kensington palace Gdns. And run by Lt. Col Alexander Scotland having 3,573 official inhabitants, with an unknown number of unofficial inhabitants being held, many were used in medical experiments at Porton Down, Winston Churchill a top freemason set up the wartime "black team " A list of occult experts to experiment in black magic, under their tutelage A madness was administered to Rudolph Hess, after we lured him to Britain, Dr. David Kelly was allegedly given something similar. Torture camps also existed in Germany at wars end and run by U.S general Isenhower. However, the little German village that holds each year the Christmas play, Oberammergau, Was the centre of the European Command Intelligence centre. At its hub was a secret weapons school, huge piles of captured German documents, Some factual, some theoretical on all aspects of secrecy, were assisted and deciphered by captured German intellectuals, soldiers and scientists. After the war, the American troops were the only people with money in their pockets and around every U.S. base the black-marketeers prospered, the information gatherers would pick up any scraps of knowledge they could, when dealing looted relics, alcohol, and cigarettes. A member of the Jewish underground named Shavrin, who made big money as a women trafficker to the lonely U.S personnel exposed this secret base to the Soviet Bloc. and of this largely underground complex, holding a disc shaped craft which was being developed as a silent observation craft to hold two people. This top secret facility, was developing nuclear weapons with germ enclosed heads. At the time this was of great interest to me, as I was involved in the U.K nuclear defnce "Shield programme." During the Nixon administration in the U.S. Nelson Rockefella through the C.F.R ( Community of Foreign Relations ) backed by Rothschild's bank, with Henry Kissenger, ( all 4 Jews ) put U.S. government contracts of five billion dollars to Litton Bionetics, a branch of Lifton Industries, for horrific military bio warfare, Kissenger reputedly endorsed the development of both A.I.D.S and Ebola virus in its early stages. Publisher Robert Maxwell, is on record as saying the ultimate goal was the creation of a bio-weapon which would infect and kill Arabs, and leave Jews unharmed, but they are both Semitic peoples, from the same root stock, so this was abandoned. This secret weapons school had as its motif a shield divided into red and black, The name "Rothschild" means red shield, In fact when the Salvation Army was set up with loans from Rothschild's, It amused Rothschild to insist they had as their emblem the "red shield" of Satanism, black is the colour of night, darkness and of evil. This motif had a large owl at its centre, the owl is the bird of the night, it comes alive at night and it kills at night, all Bilderburg ceremonies incorporate owls, Bilderburg operatives function with Rockefella and Rothschild rules, and all this was topped of with a star, the star of Lucifer, the devils star. I have one of these badges to this day. This badge told that Satanism was the root, and Rothschild was the branch, and that was the fruit, of this top secret weapons school. William Buckley later C.I.A chief was part of the assassination sector, he was later kidnapped by Hezbollah, for helping Israel Arab citizens in the occupied territories, he was rumoured to be closely allied to Oliver North Further reading. U.S freedom of information act. Out of Control- Leslie burn Prelude to - Joseph Trento. From Admiral to cabin boy - Barry Domville Hitler's war-David Irving The Churchill papers Churchill's Black Team Among the cities; was the ing of civilians in W W. II a necessity or a crime ?- A.C.Grayling

T Stokes

GARY MCKINNON-ON TRIAL The trial of 38 year old Londoner Gary Mc’kinnon is to be held on Feb 14th Mc’kinnon who has been held since June faces a long prison sentence. A self taught computer geek and U.F.O enthusiast, he is accused of accessing 97 top secret computer files of the Pentagon, the N.S.A. army, navy, air-force, and N.A.S.A. Searching for U .F.O files. But in a democracy, where the government works for the people, these files are the property of the people, so how can he be charged with stealing what in law already belongs to him ? That he was held and sent without trial to America, is against the Human Rights act, And as all “extraordinary Renditions” are illegal in international law, how can they charge him ? Remember that the Human right act demands all prosecutions to be base on truth, Yet these same accusers lied to us over the B.S.E crisis, Iraq, negotiating with hostile groups, arms for the Contras, Watergate, the s of 29 intelligence men in the helicopter crash, Osama Bin-Laden, government dealings etc etc In fact Britain actually employs a man called Allastair Campbell as an official liar, And his full title is Minister of spin. The suppression of data which belongs to the people, is an offence and the British and American governments should be in the dock here. The defence establishments were penetrated long before Mc’kinnon, The truth on U.F.Os is already out there. Protest for Mc’kinnon by emailing your U.S embassy today. T Stokes lecturer in paranormal studies.


GARY MCKINNON-LATEST 39 year old computer nerd Gary Mc’kinnon faces up to 70 years in prison, depending on the charges, for hacking into 97 U.S defence computers for information on U.F.O s. The U.S representatives claimed at Bow St. magistrates court, that he did $700,000 damages to defence computers, and must be tried in the U.S. Other experts deny any damages to defence computers, other than to read the secret files, which as the government works for the people, should be in public domain anyway, particularly as the U.F.O category is not defence related.( officially ) Why the U.S government would want U.F.O files on 97 of its defence computers if as it claims they do not exist ? this should come out in court. Spy Jonathan Pollard among others claim that the whole British and American Defence system is penetrated by Israel to the point where they can put in their own data, this same information was gleaned from telephone conversations from the yacht of publisher Robert Maxwell, so why no prosecutions here ? British M.P Tom Harris quite rightly, wants stiffer penalties for hackers and the stopping of internet and postal spam, but this is very different, When I was involved in the 1970s watching U.F.O flights, Otto Binder documented 137 suspicious deaths of top U.F.O investigators in 1971. At this time I will not say more. The complete batch of “support Gary Mc’kinnon U.F.O “ Tea shirts and tea towels and socks, has been sold world wide, with some families ordering as many as 20 sets for christmas presents. Email the U S embassy today for the release of Mc’kinnon and the U F O files.

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