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From the book of Nostradamus 2003-2025 A History Of The Future By Peter Lorie

Chapter 2009 Women at the top. Page 97.

It is proposed that this quatrain applies to the events resulting from the "revolt" on the part of women of the Seline Movement. A free interpretation of the verse follows:

The timid name of woman will be dispelled and she will be raised up to greater importance. The three sisters of womanhood (a classical reference to be explained-which my guess was correct- the maiden, mother, crone-) will find their place in destiny: then she will lead a great people by word and deed, and more than any other will she have fame and renown.

Page 98. The three sisters in this case are allegorized from classical mythology and refer to the three ages of woman - virgin, mother, and old woman. The "Triple Goddess" is refered to in "The Great Cosmic Mother" by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor.

"The moon, as daughter of the Great Mother, is known as the triple Goddess. She presides over all acts of generation, whether physical, intelectual, or spiritual. Her triple aspect expresses the three phases of the moon: waxing (growth), full (rebirth) and waning (periodic death). She is as the New or Waxing Moon, the White Goddess of birth and growth. She is, as the Full Moon, the Red Goddess of love and battle. She is as the Old or Waning Moon, the Black Goddess of death and divination. These are the three phases of the woman life, all natural and all magical.

This reference helps us to understand the concept that Nostradamus was perhaps trying to portray in this verse- the renewed presence of woman as the center of magic in the world. The last line of the verse reaffirms that woman will play a much stronger part in leading the world and will enjoy great fame and fortune.

There are many other ideas and quotes in this book that refer to the Goddess in a positive view. The time is now to share the power and the influence of the Goddess and her strength and compassion with the world. Is this the time that God has been waiting for? Is the second coming of Christ in a female form? Is it time for the sister to come to earth? The Goddess is within us if only we believe that we can make a difference to the world and the people in it. Mother earth will come and cradle her children and tell them the secrets of a loving peaceful way in which to live. It is time to listen to our intuition. It is time to be reborn. Find the spirit, the strength, and support in the belief of the God and Goddess. It is now her turn and it is up to the women of this generation to bring about the old ways of life. To bring it all back.

Thanks again Voirrey