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If you have a hundred people of whom you are one and each person puts themself first and is out-for-themself and what they can get, then all you will ever have is competition, strife, violence and war. The history of this planet is proof of that fact. The strong will oppress the weak. The rich will oppress the poor. The clever will oppress the not so clever and there will be continual struggle for survival, leading to crime, violence, war and eventually total annihilation - Armageddon. How can there possibly NOT be? On the other hand; as Jesus demonstrated when he gave his life voluntarily for the benefit of everyone else; if you take exactly the same hundred people of whom you are one and everybody, including you, now puts everyone else first, before their "Self", then each individual, including you, wins ninety-nine times, because each individual has ninety-nine other people putting them first. However, it will not work unless every single person does it, because one bad apple RUINS the whole barrel.

The world has become a terrible place over time. Why? What has man done to better himself other than make a mess of the mother earth. Can't they see the damage? How ever will she get better and back to an original state? I think that it will be a difficult task that is set before us. Where do we begin? The world we have created in order to make our life more faster and easier has done nothing but damage to our home. The water we drink, the air we breath, and the earth we plant in. Will man kind ever experience the newness of a world that lived so long ago and a world that we are trying with our modern technology to recreate and bring forth. I was once told that what damage we do to our planet will take a fourty year turn around. That is the world of our children and grand children. How ever are we going to correct a century of damage in fourty years? We have a big task ahead of us. Where do we begin? Can you help? Do you have any ideas?

Where is love? Why is it always being pushed away? Why is the fault always so much easier to find than the solution? Is anyone to blame? To return it is to nurture it. To have patience. If the love is not accepted, is it being given to the wrong person, or people? Do they want it? Do they hurt, starve, yern, and long for it? Honestly deep down do they understand the strength, intensity, healing power, unity, peace and harmony, that love can bring. Is it because they are scared. Scared of the blanket of warmth and security it can be. A perfect place, we can have it if we all share and truly desire love and peace. When will people be able to be as small children and love the feeling of unconditional love. Do adults subconsciously put conditions on love. Is that why it is hard to find true love? Why are we always trying to make sure that we are pleasing other people and not following what and where our hearst guide us. Oh to live free of not being judged and follow our own instincts and honest desires. Not to have to look back and make accounts for our decisions. Love- to be excepted for who and what we stand for. Love- where is it? Love- how to keep it. How to nurture it, and respect it. We have to be the example. To start and not care how we are looked at. Some might act back in anger because they wish that they could be strong enough to honestly be true to themselves. I could just go on and on, but it is true love I seek and true love I will find. I will be the example and all I ask for is patience and understanding. Heavenly father guide me, heavenly mother take my hand and show me how to be the strength of a mighty oak with the softness of the down of a dove. For the sake of my children, my husband, my family, and my love.......... Love of days gone by and love of days to come. 2004

Thanks Voirrey

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