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Note: When reading material on the Jesuits, Knights Of Malta, Knights Templar,Illuminati, Free Masons, Knights Of Columbus, Bilderbergers, Club Of Rome, CIA, C.F.R (Council On Foreign Relations), the U.N. and other secret societies there is much information about who is to blame for all injustice in the world and who are the driving force of New World Order etc. Keep in mind that just as there is alot of information on these topics there is also alot of disinformation.

It is my belief that groups such as the Free Masons, Knights Of Malta, and many other organizations are for the most part good hearted well meaning people who have the best of intentions for the world but it is also my belief that at the higher levels of these organizations remains a more sinister group who in my opinion report to higher groups and so on. We have information blaming certain groups of races throughout centuries for control over the world that has led to ethnic cleansing time and time again.

A New World Order may not seem like such a bad plan with all the war and hatred happening in this world but perhaps it's the same people driving the NWO who have created war and hatred throughout history in order to complete their goals. What gives certain people the right to play God and control population when this planet belongs to everybody. Let's call it "Order Out Of Caos", sound familiar?

Let's keep an eye on the world for a while and see how things may be driving towards the plan of NWO or have been for years. Ask yourself questions when things happen in the news. Why are people being relocated? Why is there ethinic cleansing? Is it to kill people who won't convert to certain religions? Who's really behind ethnic cleansing? What was the Vietnam war really for? Why was there a Cambodian genocide? Rawanda genocide. Who's next? Thailand? Sri lanka? Indonesia? Watch as disasters happen to people with certain faiths if they won't convert to other certain faiths.

Is it merely coincidence that these countries had a Tsunami wipe out 300000 or so people? Is it posible a Tsunami (weather warfare) can be created? It may not be such a crazy question if you read about Telsa Technology These questions need to be asked. Question everything you see and hear, it's ok to be paranoid. Think of everything you've ever known in your structured world as an illusion. Why is the number 11 involved in so many events? By the way I figured out some of my own, what day is Veterans day? Nov.(11th month) 11th day with 11:00 oclock moment of silence. It's time to start thinking about these things people.

This site does not promote hatred in any way, shape, or form against any race, creed, or colour.This site is designed to raise questions about what force is behind World Order and the demise of so many people in the name of Religious conversion (not oil) oil is just a smoke screen and for profit for a small elite few, when at war with big oil countries like Iraq, Iran, Venezuela (maybe next, a certain few can make big money as the price of oil raises. As for religious conversion, once most of the world are one religion or at least one belief system, they will follow one person as if he were God. It is ok to question everything that you were ever taught. Watch for media taking on shocking conspiracy stories only to put a spin on them to water them down hide the truth. Remember that once our countries are in control of martial law we have no rights. This is why events like 9/11 are needed, to create Chaos, then order out of chaos. Watch the news everyday, think about other historical events and how the puzzle starts to fit together.

It's up to you to take in the information and sort it out for yourself.

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